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  • Everyday Mom Ideas offers sidebar button ads space, in post keyword links and/or end of post ads. And is open to additional ad offers and ideas. 
   125x125 pixel image with link- Monthly Rates
   -Premium Top Spot- $15/1month  or $35/3 months
   -Foot bar ad- $5/1month or $10/3months

  • Sponsoring a Giveaway/product review at Everyday Mom Ideas is also a great way to advertise your site and products. Product must be $50.00 in value or more. 
  • Sponsored Post must fit the EMI home and family theme and be helpful in nature, with tips or a tutorial of sorts. Post are guaranteed to stay live for at least one full year. Sponsored post start at $75.00 
  • Add social shares on EMI Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for $20.00                      
To receive additional Everyday Mom Ideas sponsor rates and/or more information, email me. I'd be happy to help your business connect with customers who will love your product or service.

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