DIY Repurpose Old Lamp Bird Bath (Easy Tutorial)

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I was in need of a bird bath for my new compass vegetable garden this summer and wasn't about to fork out hundreds of dollars to get one. So I got on Pinterest and got to work searching for the best DIY birdbath a girl could find and Boom! I found out you can turn an old lamp into a stunning birdbath! So I did and Im going to show you how to make one to and also how to avoid messing it up like did. Im nice like that.

Lamp bird baths are actually very easy to make and do not take a lot of time. Both things I love in a craft. Here is what you need.

Lamp Bird Bath Instructions


1. Epoxy glue. Do not try to use glue gun glue even if its awesome gorilla glue gun glue. It does not work ladies! Thats how my first lamp bird bath broke. Just get the Apoxy and save yourself some grief. 

2. Old Lamp Base. You are going to want to get a fairly large lamp from a thrift store, yard sale, or your own dusty storage. Make sure to use a lamp base that is not too top heavy. Try to find one as bottom heavy as possible because we are adding a lot of weight to the top and if all the weight is on the top it is easier for it to fall over.

3. Large Glass/Ceramic Bowel and Large Flat Glass/Ceramic Plate. A large Salad bowel works great and a circular serving dish. You don't actually have to use a serving dish under the bowl but I think it looks really nice so I did.

4. Glass Candle Stick:I like the glass candle stick addition to this project because it has an open curved inside both ends so you can place uneven lamp tips in it and epoxy it great. I used my candle stick as the bind between the plate and lamp and it worked perfectly. Plus is made the birdbath just a little more taller.

5. Spray Paint.If you are wanting to paint your bird bath that is great, but you should probably know that if you spray paint any place on your bird bath where water will be sitting for a while then your paint is going to get warped up and peeled. Spray paint works really well only on the base and neck of your bird bath. So remember to pick out a bowel and plate that you like the color of as is so you are not tempted to paint it.

Step One:Epoxy glue is really easy to use and works fast. I am now a fan of it after I attempted to make this birdbath with glue sticks. I know. I know. Hot Tip: use gloves when applying it to your pieces because epoxy glue is not messing around. Also some epoxy glue has different instructions then other so make sure to read the directions of use. Epoxy the candle stick upside down to the lamp. The wides end of the candle stick should be on the upside and the skinny side glued to the lamp.

Step Two:Paint your base: When your candle stick is glued on hard and tight (a few minutes) I recommend spray painting your birdbath at this point. Then you can put your glass plate and bowel on once the paint dries.

Step Three: Epoxy your plate to the candle stick. Try and make sure you glue the plate exactly on its middle point. But if you mess up and it's a bit lopsided it's not the end of the world. I glued mine on all funky and it still stands up and looks good enough for me to post about it here. Once the glue is hard give your bird bath a wiggle to check for crapy glueing spots that need fixing. Your bird bath should fill solid with no wobbly bits. And then guess what? Its ready for your garden!!! Just like that! 

Tips for putting your masterpiece of a bird bath in your garden: 
I was worried that my bird bath would blow over but its been up most summer and still going strong. Remember to put your bird bath in a sturdy flat area. If you would like to stabilize it more your can add gravel rock on top and around the sides of your base or wire it and stake it down or cement it in or wire it to a wall or.... Im sure you will think of something. I did not secure mine down and it is doing just find in a garden my kids and chicken get into regularly. So fear not. If it does fall over think of it as getting a second chance and glueing your bowel on better when you make your second bird bath.

Here is the super duper easy secret to turn your bird bath into a fountain without any electrical wire or know how, here we go are you ready...your mind is about to be blown.... Solar Power Fountain pumps that float!!! Boom! Mic Drop!

You can a solar floating water fountain pump on Amazon for like $12and they work... when it is full daylight out. But its still pretty cool. Mine worked for almost two months before it broke down due to us not cleaning it soon enough before it clogged up.

  Also Wasp Tip:Im full of so many gems for you on this project and here's another one! Do wasps love your water fountain as much as mine? Well you can add a little vinegar to your water every few days and the wasps are all like "see ya later, no thank gator!"

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