How To Effectively Manage Child Constipation

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Managing child constipation can be a tricky problem for new parents. While constipation is a fairly common problem for children to have, they do rely on you to help them out of this condition. Being able to properly care for all your child’s ailments is what being a good parent is all about.

Looking for reputable and trusted advice can ensure that you do not harm your child in the process of fixing this ailment. Above all, reassure your child that they will be fine in time and that you are there for them. To give you a primer on how to deal with your child’s constipation, here we have assembled some of the best practices to follow. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best ways to deal with your child’s constipation.

Modify Their Diet

To soften your child’s stool in a natural and safe way, adjusting their diet may prove useful. In general, planning your child’s diet can not only provide them with the nutrition they need to flourish but can also reduce the likelihood of them having digestive issues like constipation. 

First, consider increasing the amount of non-dairy fluid that your child receives each day. Constipation is often caused by inadequate water intake and this alone may make things run more smoothly.

Fibre is also essential to keeping your child’s digestion functioning optimally. High-quality fruits and vegetables are great sources of natural dietary fibre, so make sure to include adequate servings of these items with every meal. Whole-grain bread and oats are also essential sources of fibre.

Prune juice is a traditional remedy for constipation given its laxative effects. If your child is not too picky about the taste, they may find that this can bring them relief.

As always, consulting with your family physician before making serious modifications to your child’s diet is always recommended. As a bonus, your doctor may have additional advice on how to proceed with more serious cases of child constipation.

Get Things Moving

Sometimes an increase in the physical activity of your child can help their constipation woes to be relived. If your child spends long hours sitting or being inactive, encourage them to take a walk with you if they are old enough or, if they are still very young, engage in some playful activities that can get their bodies moving. You may even gently massage their abdominal area to facilitate the flow of their digestion in a hands-on way. This mechanical action is a useful means of getting things moving in more than one way. 

Tests For More Severe Cases

If the above remedies do not seem to improve your child’s condition, make sure to get medical testing done to rule out the existence of a more serious problem. Tests of this nature include abdominal X-rays, simple in-office physical exams, or blood tests. Getting a medical professional to take a look will be the fastest route to relief for your child.

In the case of serious constipation, your doctor may recommend the addition of a stool softener to your child’s daily routine. These can be purchased over the counter and are not harmful to the overall well-being of your child.

Find Relief For Your Child

Constipation can be a highly unpleasant condition for your child to have. While this ailment is usually temporary and often mitigated by the modification of your child’s lifestyle, it is important to seek professional assistance if standard remedies do not seem to work. Providing your child with comfort and reassurance regardless of the severity of the constipation is always helpful.

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