Finding Buffalo Peak Trail Provo Utah (Best Kid Friendly Hidden Gem Hike)

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Buffalo Peak trail is one of the most rewarding and lovely kid friendly trails in all of Utah Valley, but the trail head can be hard to find since it is not clearly marked. It's kind of a hidden gem and not on a lot of Utah trail guide list. But it's totally worth it and once you find the start of the trail the rest is easy.

My family and I recently went searching for this amazing Utah hiking trail and spent several extra hours trying to find it because all of the hike guides online were outdated with their hike markers. Some of the signs up now are new due to the heavy rain and snow this last winter so the old makers are no longer there. We finally ran into another hiker driving out of the canyon who had just been on the Buffalo peak trail and they were able to easily tell us where the actual trail head is. Now we are passing it on to you all so you can enjoy the trail as well.

Drive takes 35 minutes or more from the start of provo canyon on the provo side.
Drive up provo canyon, turn right to head up squaw peak rd. After you drive up a very winding road you will come to a two way split. Take the left side. It will soon turn into a bumpy dirt road with pot holes (carefully drive slow) you will follow that for another four miles until you come to a large meadow with a dirt parking lot on the left east side of the road. You can park here and walk up the dirt road a little bit to get to the trail head or drive a little further to park on the side of the road. Ive included a several photos here to show you exactly where the un marked trail head begins. There is a " If Its Too Hot... " fire safety sign on the East side of the road. The trail head is on the West side of the road from that sign where the fence is. Take the trail to the left that follows along the fence for a little bit. This trail leads to the point of the mountain and valley overlook area. The other trail leads to the meadow below.

This hike has lots of different aspects and features despite it being less than a mile in, it is partially shaded, with beautiful views of the mountains behind, views of the mountain canyons on the side, stunning rare flower meadows that are massive, and then it ends with a short steep hike to the point of the mountain with some of the highest up views of the Utah valley below.

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