4 Unusual Gift Ideas That are Actually Perfect

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How do you strike the right balance between a gift that's fun and unique but not so wild that the recipient is left scratching their head? We all find ourselves scratching our own heads when looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family, but it doesn't have to be so dang hard.

Here are four unique ideas that are perfect for someone you care about.

1. Personal Styling

Ever try buying clothes as a birthday or Christmas present? It's a nightmare. Forget about the slim chance that what you buy actually fits. The odds that your friend or loved one will genuinely love that new shirt or pair of jeans can feel impossible. Sure, they'll tell you they adore it in the moment, and then it will live in the closet for years.
We're particular about our clothes, and that's why personal styling services are such a hit. Companies such as Trunk Club and Stitch Fix get to know your personal style and then recommend outfits you can try on at home that you will either keep or send back. It's great as a personal service, but it's even better as a gift. Indeed, you get all the upsides of a new wardrobe without the disaster of picking the wrong styles and sizes.

2. Mattresses

There's a saying that you shouldn't skimp on the three things that separate you from the ground — shoes, tires and your mattress. We may not think of mattresses as a practical gift, but the model for how we buy them has changed.
What once required a long trip to a furniture store can now be commonly shipped to your front door. Mattress delivery is easy: you pick what you want online, try it out and decide if it's right for you. That means there's no deciding in 30 seconds at the store if it's the right choice for the next five to 10 years.

3. Creator Tools

It seems like everyone is creating something online these days. From video game streaming to YouTube editing, there's a good chance you have a friend or family member making something for the digital world to see — and there are tons of handy gadgets you can gift them to improve the experience.
There's a good chance every streamer and YouTube creator you know uses an Elgato stream deck. These interfaces have six or more customizable buttons that creators program to streamline their workflow and make creating easier. If they don't have one already, this would make a great gift for your friend or family member.
4. Knowledge
There's nothing unique about giving someone a book; after all, we've been doing that for centuries. But giving someone the knowledge to learn a new skill is a gift anyone can appreciate. So how do we make it more exciting than just another book?
Services like SkillShare and MasterClass make learning fun, easy and efficient. And since these services do cost money, they make great gifts for holidays and birthdays. Learning photography? Why not take advice from National Geographic photographer and "Free Solo" director Jimmy Chin. Stepping up your game in the kitchen? Follow along as Gordon Ramsay shares his culinary expertise. That's the gift of knowledge that won't sit on the shelf collecting dust.
Gift Ideas That Will Satisfy Anyone
These ideas are unusual but not too weird, and that makes them just right for your next gift. Whether it's learning cooking skills or having a great mattress delivered to the front door, these gifts are sure to satisfy just about anyone.

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