Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Family Vacation

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When it comes to planning the perfect family vacation, it can be both stressful and challenging to ensure that you find the right type of holiday that suits all your needs especially if you have large age gaps with your kids like I do. From finding the right accommodation to making sure that there are activities nearby to suit the interests of all your children, the list of things to arrange and plan can seem endless. However, with the holiday season approaching, it is important that you all get some time away to relax and unwind without the school run and busy schedule that you’ll leave behind you at home. To make it a bit easier for you, we have put together the top five tips on how to plan the perfect family holiday. By providing you with tips on where to stay, what you need to take with you, and other useful advice, you will be sure to have the perfect trip away, allowing you to make memories that will last a lifetime.  

Do Your Research 

It is important that you thoroughly research a destination and surrounding area before you go ahead with booking as it is important that your family's needs are being met. The right destination for you will largely depend on how old your children are and what sort of vacation you are looking for. If you have younger children, then you may opt for a quieter holiday destination that allows you to stick to a routine. However, as your children get older, you may decide that an all-inclusive holiday that provides children's entertainment is a better choice for you and your family. However, be sure to make some considerations for what you want from your holiday. It isn’t all about what suits the children. Remember, happy parents = happy children! Don't over pack your vacation schedule so tight you don't have room for exporting, spontaneity and important down time to relax and recharge. 

Consider Your Accommodation Carefully 

There are many different accommodation options available nowadays, from traditional hotels to serviced apartments and villas. It is important that you think about what environment best suits you and your family and don’t assume that a hotel is the best option for you. If you have small children and enjoy your own space and privacy, then you may decide that a villa with its own kitchen facilities will make your time away a lot easier. There are luxury villas Paros Greece that are perfect for families who want exclusive accommodation that allows them the freedom they need to enjoy their holiday. The villas available online at can sleep up to 6, 8 or even 16 people. Therefore, there will be plenty of room for all the family! 

Be Prepared

Being on vacation with children can be often unpredictable and sometimes a challenge, therefore, it is important that you take the time to be prepared for every eventuality. Set your vacation up for success. Many parents worry so much about what could go wrong on a family vacation that it prevents them from going away! But don’t let this be you. You deserve a break and by being prepared and organised you can avoid any catastrophes occurring while you are away. For example, for the plane journey, you should have a lot of snacks and toys in your carryon luggage to ensure that you keep your children entertained throughout the flight. If you can book your flight times around nap time, then you may even be able to get them to sleep through most of the journey! 

Plan Some Adult Time 

It is important to remember that this family holiday is about all of the family enjoying their time away, including mum and dad! Many parents find themselves doing whatever it takes while on holiday to keep their children entertained and happy. But it is important that you schedule some time for yourself. If there is children’s entertainment provided at the hotel you are staying in, then allow your children the time to go play with new friends while you get some relaxing time with a book by the pool. Ask the teenagers to watch the younger ones while you and your spouse take a walk and see a few sites, or run out for some deserts. If your traveling with grandparents schedule one of your vacation nights to have the grandparents baby sit and you two duck out for a date. Spending a little time away from the kiddos on vacation can keep a nice balance and help you keep on enjoying your kids. Similarly, if you decide to book your own private villa then you can keep your eye on your children playing while relaxing yourself. 

Get Your Travel Documents Prepared 

If there are quite a few of you going away on your family holiday, then you may find that you have a lot of travel documents to look after and keep up to date. To make this easier, you should invest in a file to keep all your important documents safe in one place. This includes everyone's passports (including photocopies), travel documents, insurance policies, and EHIC cards . By keeping them all together and locked either in your suitcase or safe while you are away, you won’t have to worry about losing anything. 
Your family vacation this summer doesn’t have to be stressful or all about the kids, by following these tips and advice, you can have a perfect time away together and make some amazing family holiday memories. 

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  1. I went to Hawaii with my family in 2002 (I was 17 at the time). That was awesome enough in and of itself, but it was Mike who made it truly memorable. Oh, God, Mike.

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