Sophisticated Boho Bachelor Pad (Living Room Decor On A Budget)

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When my brother asked me if I could help him decorate his new condo, I jumped at the chance. I love transforming a space to give it more life and personality. Besides decorating my own home this was my first home decor project for someone else. And Im thrilled with getting to share it with you all. I wanted to give my brothers new bachelor pad a warm inviting feeling, while incorporating things he loves. His requests were that this living room would serve as a social gathering and have a more grown up look than his previous college days look. So we went with a sophisticated boho vibe with masculine touches throughout. 

Above is what it used to look like when he first got the place. Plain old vanilla. 

The only thing missing in this new space is the new lighting we are installing in a few weeks. 

DIY Blanket Ladder
Blanket ladders a a great way to store your beautiful lap blankets and it doubles as a cute was to display and decorate with your blankets. We made our own of under $10 and in about 20 minutes. You can get my blanket ladder tutorial guide here at this earlier blog post. 

DIY Boho Picture Clip Wall Frames
This easy craft project is a fun boho twist on a classic photo clip frame. Photo clip frames are an awesome option to displaying your favorite photos because they are easy to change up and switch out photos and art work regularly. I like the casualness a clip photo frame can add to your decor vibes and thought it would make the perfect addition to the wall display I was designing in my brothers new sophisticated boho bachelor pad. Find out how to make your own Boho Picture Clip Frame here with this tutorial post. 

Before & After

I love having an eclectic look it makes a space feel more real and like it actually belongs to somebody. In order to achieve this eclectic look while saving some serious dough I buy used. I shop the yard sales, facebook marketplace, thrift stores and more. Some of the furniture pieces are handmade and then a few brand new key pieces are thrown in for a fresh high end look. 

The bookcase in the background is a genius two tones HEMNES cabinet units from ikea. We bought two with door and drawers for tucking away storage items and then the middle book shelf with open storage. We put the three units together to add massive verticle storage and a great feature wall for all my brothers treasures. 

DIY Double Decker Coffee Table

The Modern Wood Coffee Table I made myself. Its a super easy project anyone can do if you have a chop saw and a drill. It takes about 1 hour to make plus dry time. You can get the full modern coffee table tutorial here and this previous blog post and get the step by step instructions to make your own. 

"Pillows are an adults version of stuffed animals." 

Anybody else a tray fanatic?! I love a good tray! They are so useful for when you want to be able to group object together and make it easy to move decor and table top items around your space in case you need more seating or to place board games on the surface or you benches and tables. Plus that add that extra decor element that makes the item placement feel intentional and organized.

We found this adorable hallway tree on Amazon for an amazing price. This industrial coat rack was essential here because is solves a number of issues. We wanted vertical storage right by the front door but the other hall trees had beadboard backing. And as you can see the living room light switch is also right there on the wall and we couldn't cover it up, so we needed something that had an open back plus some racks for store shoes, coats and has above storage for hats and gloves we could store in a basket of some sort. 

The basket wall art feature is my favorite thing in this space. It really catches the eye and brings in an earthy artistic statement. It really brings the whole goal of the room together. These we bought at thrifts stores for about a dollar each. If you would like to spruce your baskets up to look a little more high end try painting on details The brown faux leather chairs we found at the Home Store. The chairs add a hole lot of man glam to the space and look expensive but they are totally not. The Home store is a great place to find cute furniture on a small budget.

You have have noticed quite a big a spiritual and religious decor items, and thats because my brother and I are member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My brother was adamant that his living room space was a place of calm and reflection. He wanted things in this space that reminded him of his relationship with his heavenly father and to encourage him to continue his spiritual journey to live his best life. 

When decorating a space always make it personal. It should feel like your home. 

So here is the happy guy himself! This is my sweet little brother and I wish him all the success and happiness in his new place. I hope it becomes a sanctuary for him to thrive and grow in. May we host many gatherings and create many memories in his new home. 

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