How To Increase Breast Milk Supply For Your Little One

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Breastfeeding is such an essential part of your baby’s development that you cannot help but worry about all kinds of ‘what ifs’. A very common concern among breastfeeding mums is if they are producing enough milk for their baby. While this is a very genuine concern, it doesn’t have to be. If you are looking for ways to increase breast milk supply, there are a number of techniques that you can try. Just know that every woman’s situation is unique so not everything may work as it should.

There is no need to overthink your baby’s feeding habits if they are growing as they should, you really are on the right track. If you are concerned about a lack of breastmilk production you should start by taking a look at the issues that are causing concern. It can be difficult to judge anything by a baby’s reaction, so it is not going to be a reliable measure of milk production.

Continue reading if you have questions about milk production and you will find some ways in which you can increase your breast milk supply.

Are You Healthy?

This is the first question you must ask yourself if you are questioning your breast milk production and supply. There is a direct correlation between the mother’s overall health and how well she can produce breast milk. It also directly correlates to the nutritional content of the breast milk as well, so you need to ensure you do everything possible to take care of yourself. Your health is not just your own personal concern anymore if you are breastfeeding, it is going to directly affect your baby as well.

How Often Do You Feed?

Feeding frequency can also play a role in how much milk you produce in a given period of time. Our bodies work hard to get used to being on certain time schedules, and it is the same way with breast milk production. If you are only feeding a handful of times a day your body will think that it only needs to produce milk at certain times, or in certain quantities. Try feeding your baby more often and you may see a direct increase in the amount of milk produced.

Have You Tried A Breast Pump?

With the number of gadgets on the market these days you know there is going to be a product for every baby need. Yet something as simple as a breast pump could be exactly what you need to help with better breast milk production. Not only that, it can make feeding your little one all that much more convenient for you and your family. A breast pump will stimulate your breast milk production in the same way that feeding your baby regularly will. You can use it more often than your baby feeds to make sure you have a consistent supply to meet your baby’s demand. On top of helping your milk production, you can always have some spare breast milk available for quick and easy feedings if you’re on the go or if dad wants to feed the little one.

Do Your Best 

It is important to keep your own health in mind when it comes to the health and feeding habits of your breastfeeding baby. Sometimes it is easy to forget about yourself when you are taking care of such an innocent and helpless human, but you must remember to look after yourself too. If you are healthier and happier you will produce better breast milk and therefore give your baby the best chance at development.

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