How to Feel Confident at Your Favorite Fitness Class

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Lots of busy people now use fitness classes either to complement time spent in the gym or on other sports, or as their main means of staying in shape. With so many different things you can try, from relaxing sessions of yoga or Pilates through to high energy Crossfit or fun, entertaining Zumba, there is something to suit every mood and every fitness goal. 
Staying fit or losing weight are not the only reasons to get into going to fitness classes, however. A lot of people find them to be fun things to do with friends, or even a way to meet new people. With some types of exercise class having a strong social component, they can even be a potential place to meet a new love interest! Here are some tips on how to feel confident and look good while exercising.

Feeling Good at the Gym

Of course, most of us don't necessarily feel like we look our best when we are at the gym, or taking part in a fitness class. While there may be a good opportunity to meet new people, you may feel embarrassed that their first impression of you is with no make-up, and sweaty plain gym clothes, so you may not be as confident and outgoing as in other situations - preferring to go unnoticed. 
While nobody else is going to be looking like they just stepped out of a salon at your fitness classes (at least, not after the warm up), you may feel a bit more willing to mingle with the other people there if you know you don't look like a total sweaty mess! The actual sweating part is completely normal and unavoidable - in fact it has been shown that the fitter you get, the more you actually sweat during exercise, so it isn't a marker of your fitness - but you can feel more stylish and confident when you invest in some stylish workout clothes and find a gym look you feel good about.

Wear Clothes You Actually Like!

One thing that can instantly make you feel happier with how you look at your fitness classes or when you are using the gym is to invest in some workout clothes that you actually like. So many people think that if all that they are going to do is sweat in the clothes, then it is just as good to wear any old pair of leggings and baggy shirt. However, while this is reasonable thinking, if you want to feel confident, then you are sure to give yourself a boost by buying some higher quality items that you enjoy wearing. 
You can choose between all kinds of different gym looks, with some people going for coordinated stretch clothing like a sports bra and shorts, and others going for a more casual, less revealing look with yoga pants and a nice breathable top. You can match what you wear to your body and what you like, whether you want to wear bold revealing clothing or loose, tasteful, relaxed athleisure clothes. 
Whatever your style, though, one area where you can treat yourself to some luxury and learn to really love your sporty look is with the footwear. Most classes are done with shoes on, so treat yourself to something like a pair of Gucci sneakers, and enjoy comfort and designer style when you train. You can check out the latest Gucci collection including all of their beautiful sports shoes at high end online retailer SSENSE.


Wearing full make up may be okay for classes that focus on strength or stretching, like Pilates and yoga, but it is only going to make you look worse by the end of a more intense aerobics class like spinning or Zumba where you are likely to sweat. You can still find a balance, however, by going for light make-up like a tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara and a colored lip balm, allowing you to feel more polished without worrying about looking like a member of KISS once the cardio really kicks in! You can also consider other areas of your general appearance, like getting a manicure, so you feel more well-groomed even during intense sessions. Over time as you get more accustomed to the gym and your new workout class you may begin to be more comfortable going more bare face. You are beautiful as you are. 


If you have long hair, you'll probably want to find a sporty styleto put it in before classes that you feel comfortable with and which looks good. Using a headband to keep bangs or shorter hair from getting in your eyes or getting plastered to your face when you sweat can also be a good idea, which will look cute and sporty. Go for a simple ponytail, braid or bun, which you can put your hair into quickly before the session, rather than an elaborate up-do which may look like overkill and involve a lot of uncomfortable clips and pins.

Spending a few quick minutes before going to the gym to do some thought work and go over your self talk can be the most powerful thing to your gym confidence. Remind yourself that you are important enough to take this time to take care of your body and health, that you are enough just as you are and that you need to be your own best friend first so only talk to yourself with words that you would say to a friend. You cannot hate yourself to healthy. 

Little things can make such a big difference to your confidence no matter where you go. Taking the time to brush your hair, put in your favorite stud earring and giving yourself a mental hug before you go to the gym can go a long way. By working to find a gym style you feel good about and that you enjoy wearing, can help you enjoy and focus more on your workouts and feel more sociable when you go to your favorite classes!

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