Follow On Formula: What You Need To Know

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If your baby is approaching that precarious age of six months you are most likely trying to plan for all the changes that are about to happen. This is a big stage in development and it is crucial that your baby gets the proper nutrition during this time. When it comes to follow on formula Australia has similar rules and regulations as the rest of the western world. There has been a lot of debate on whether it is the right thing to do, and the debate still goes on.

There are pros and cons to using a follow on formula to transition your baby to solid foods, but every situation is going to be unique. As a parent, your best weapon in the fight to keep your baby healthy is information and knowledge. You owe it to your baby to make the right decisions, and therefore you need to be informed. Follow on formula is not a bad product, but it may not always be necessary. 

Keep reading to find out whether follow on formula is going to be the right choice for you and your baby.

What Exactly Is Follow On Formula?

This should be the first question you are asking when looking at transitioning your baby to solid foods. Follow on formula claims to be an easy way to transition from breast milk or infant formula to eating solid foods for nutrition. There are so many different formulas on supermarket shelves and in the refrigerated areas that it can be absolutely mind-boggling to sort through. Companies will do whatever they can with marketing and advertising to lure you in. They want you to think that their formula is going to provide the best possible nutrition to your baby, but this just isn’t the case most of the time. The problem is that every single one of them could have different ingredients. Keep your eyes open if you are looking at these types of formulas as you really need to read the ingredients and not the claims on the package.

Is It Even Worth It?

There have been extensive studies done around the world to see if follow on formula is worth it for the transition. A lot of these studies have come to a similar conclusion that they are not necessarily needed at all, and in some cases are actually worse for a baby nutritionally. You need to keep in mind that people have been providing proper nutrition to babies for thousands of years before formulas were invented.

Before you go thinking it is pointless to purchase follow on formula for your baby, there are certain cases where it can prove to be effective or even necessary. If your baby is struggling to wean from the breast or bottle, this may be a good way to boost their nutrition. As well, these formulas are made with extra iron, calcium, and protein, so they can also be used if there are any deficiencies in those areas.

As Always, It Is Up To You

While you may have read a few negative things about follow on formulas, this does not mean they may not be right for you and your baby. There are so many unique situations that you may find yourself in, and if this type of formula is going to help, by all means, go for it. Whether it is out of convenience or need these formulas are available for good reason. You need to keep the nutritional needs of your baby as the main concern and read labels before making any decisions. Follow on formula may be right for some, and may not be for others.

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