DIY Boho Front Door Floral Basket (Tutorial)

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Floral door baskets are the new wreath! And I couldn't be more excited about it! Decorating your front door can say a lot about your family and can set a welcoming vibe to visitors. Ever since I painted my front door from yellow to my dream color peach I new I needed to add a little welcoming bouquet to finish it all up. This boho basket was the perfect addition. I wish I would have done one sooner. 

Front door baskets make great door decor because you can easily change out the flowers regularly to fit your mood, holiday and season. To add a little extra boho flavor I came up with the idea to add a beaded hanging rope instead of traditional string. The natural wood beads adds a little more thoughtful detail and character to this decor piece. 

When considering my flower arrangement I wanted something that felt like dreamy summer days that was subtle and soft. I knew I wanted a pop of yellow but didn't want to overpower my colorful door with tons of colors. I found these beautiful lambs ears (faux greenery), fern leaves and flowers at Hobby Lobby. I was so impressed with their collection. It was hard to not grab all the flowers. I had to remember less is more. I love how the different plants have so many different textures. This arrangement seems to be more about texture than anything else. 

Money Savvy Tip: Faux flowers can get expensive. I great way to have a high end look without the big price tag is buying just one or two high end floral pieces and then adding in some dollar store filler flowers. No one will know. 

I got all my items for this project at my local Hobby Lobby. 

Clear fishing string
Soft Flexible Basket
Natural wood beads

Flat Door Basket
I couldn't not find a flat door basket I liked that was also flat enough for my front door. So I found a soft flexible woven basket, pressed it a little more flat and used clear fishing wire to string and secure the sides together to flatten it. I threaded the clear string from the inside of the basket through one side and then the other then tied the string tightly together to keep the basket more flat. 

Basket Options Tips: You can achieve this basket look for less by also using small woven purses or bags from you local thrift shop. 

Beaded Handle
To add your beaded basket handle tie one end of your fishing line to the inside top edge of your basket. Secure tight. Thread beads onto your string until it is at the desired length you want. Make sure the beads or tightly fitting. Secure other end of string to the other side of the basket.  

Flower Arrangement

This is a very easy quick craft project when it comes to assembling the basket. It took me longer than expected to arrange the flowers since I do not usually work with flowers or flower arranging. I am a super beginner to flower arrangement. But I just played around with it a bunch until I found what I liked. 

Flower arrangement tip: if you have a lot of room in your basket bottom and your flowers are not staying in place because there is too much room for the stems to more around you could hot clue in a styrofoam block or stuff in some old grocery bags to help secure the flowers in the right place. 

A little imperfection goes a long way. Remember to decorate for yourself and what makes you happy and then you will never go wrong. After all you are the one who has to look at it the most. 

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