Quick & Easy DIY Blanket Ladder (Make for under $10)

11:15 AM

Blanket ladders are a great way to display and store your cute lap blankets instead of just draping them on the couch. Im crazy about blanket ladders right now and love that I can hang multiple blankets at one time on the ladder rungs and then blanket ladder becomes an art piece in my living room displaying some beloved blankets that have a lot of meaning to me. 

Blanket ladders add a lot of style and storage and you can make one for under 10 bucks! They are super simple and quick to make. 

Blanket Ladder Instructions:
Project Time: 30 minutes

3: 2x2 wood boards / 6 ft long 
8: 2 1/4 inch decking screws

wood stain(optional)


2 Sides Cuts: 5 ft 
4 ladder rung cuts: 10 inches

1. Once all your boards are cut to size. Pre-drill four pilot holes about 12 inches apart through your side pieces. Then pre drill pilot holes in both ends of your ladder rungs. Line up boards and secure ladder rungs to the ladder sides with 2 1/4 inch decking screws. 

2. You can stain your wood now. I liked how mine looked with the raw look so I left it as it. This entire project took me about 1/2 hour to cut and as symbol. 

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