Baby-Friendly Places to Visit

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As a mother, you have to be the one to help stimulate your baby's creativity and innovation. You will certainly not attain this by locking them up in the house the whole time. Children need to go out and experience different environments once in a while to help with their mental and emotional growth. You will also get bored staying with the kids in the house the whole day. Here are places you should make an effort to visit with your baby or toddler, for their good:

This place is ideal for toddlers, those that can move around and play without having to be held all the time. You can find a nice clean spot and let the toddler do her thing you keep a firm eye on them. Meanwhile, you could grab some fast food (make sure it's from thoroughly clean joint) and even some soft candy for the baby. Let them play with their age mates; this helps them learn how to build relationships and the importance of them.

Yeah, this one is every mom's favorite. Going to the park presents an excellent opportunity for your child to play with the grass, trees and other kids. This, of course, will only work for a toddler or an older child. Isn't it just enjoyable to watch your baby play while you enjoy some proper mama talk (or some juicy gossip) with other mothers? Try it, and you may just find yourself making an excuse to go to the park every day.

A walking trail would be a beautiful place to visit with your baby as you push them in their stroller and enjoy some fresh air. It is also an excellent place to meet other mothers and exchange some thoughts on parenting. If you have a toddler that can walk, it would be some good exercise and even better playtime for the little one. You, however, need to be careful, especially if there are roads near the trail. Also, watch out for anything they may try to put in their mouths. Some cases of poisoning and choking happen at such times.

A library is a great place to be with your toddler, especially when the weather is not suitable for walking or playing outside. Many libraries offer reading sessions for kids and their parents with a dramatic narrator keeping their imagination busy. If they don't, you can visit bookshelveswith your baby and get some interesting books, especially those with pop-ups.

A museum is also a great place to go, especially when it is kid friendly. It is entertaining, educating, and relaxing. Some even offer an option of leaving the child with the guide so that you can get some rest before getting them back.

An ideal place to take your child would be where they are expected to be; otherwise, they may wreak havoc in areas where they are considered a nuisance. Make sure they have fun but also watch out for their safety.

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  1. A weird one but home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot are great for my 16 month old! We recently moved and had to go a few weekends in a row and he is easy to entertain while we got what we needed. Letting him play with the washer/dryer buttons, climb on the tractors, look at the fan and lighting section, etc.


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