5 Things to Look for in a Charter School

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When it comes to choosing a charter school, you need to be sure that you are choosing the right one for you and your child. There are several reasons for looking at any kind of school more closely, not just charter schools, but chiefly you want to be sure your child will receive the kind of education they deserve.

Teacher quality
It seems obvious, but teachers really are the difference between a great school and a terrible one. It is an age-old adage that teachers make the difference, and while it does sound like a bumper sticker slogan it is no less true for that. One of the major reasons that a parent will choose a charter school is the quality of the teachers. A quick look at online reviews and recommendations can reveal a lot. You should also be able to schedule a campus tour on the school’s website. For example, if you take a look at AMS you’ll see that they have a section on their site that allows you to apply online for a campus tour. Getting a tour will give you the best insight into the quality of the school and the teachers there. 
The curriculum
Curriculum is constantly changing as new requirements and standards are brought into play, The Common Core being a prime example of this. There have also been a lot of advancements in the instructional content being given to students. These days the curriculum can be adapted in order to meet the requirements of students.
When looking at charter schools, it’s important to consider the way content and instruction is delivered. The curriculum needs to be able to adapt to a student’s aptitude, learning pace and style. Schools that provide structured learning delivery are great for some students as they are able to provide structure and freedom seamlessly.

Is it challenging?
Any school needs to be able to challenge their students, this is the only way they will grow and prepare for college also without the risk of boredom setting in.
Academic challenge is a vital part of selecting a charter school or any school for that matter. Class size plays to this also. A study conducted by the Centre for American Progress showed that a lot of schools just don't challenge students enough. During the course of this study, a large number of students said that schoolwork was far too easy for them.
Preparation for College
Of course, not all students will or even want to go to college, but it can be the right path for the majority of students. That being said, parents still need to explore this when looking at charter schools. One thing that can be done is the parent finding out a school’s track record for sending their students onto college and university, as well as which ones.
Safety and Security of students
For painfully obvious reasons, school security and safety is of the utmost importance. High-profile tragedies have highlighted this in the most horrible way possible. Students should not only feel safe from tragedy but also from bullying too. 
Make sure to look out for these things when choosing a charter school. 

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