Using the Wassily chair as a piece of art

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The Wassily chair has a very futuristic quality, which makes many people hesitate at introducing it in their homes even though they like its very unique design. The best way to get past this dilemma is to ensure that you’re using this chair as not only a statement object, but also as a piece of art. Don’t really know how to do that? Well, below we’ll be sharing a few ideas on how to do that. Let’s take a look:
1.     Creating a gallery backdrop


The most obvious way to introduce the wassily chair as a piece of art in your homes is by creating the right backdrop. Here’s the thing; the more minimalist you make it the more futuristic the chair is going to look. So, in order to avoid that, and to make the homeliest impression, you can create a full-fledged art gallery style background – just like the one featured in this image. It helps merge the quirkiness of the chair design with the backdrop and makes it seem more approachable.

2.     Using artsy crockery displays


Another way to make the wassily chair feel like a piece of art is by accenting its surroundings by artsy crockery displays. The aesthetics of the chair would contrast the shiny décor value of this sort of display and make it feel more interesting. If you’re unsure about how to carry out such a venture, then this image here is an excellent inspiration.

3.     Surrounded by a gallery of art

Gallery walls are a versatile interior design venture. This means that you can customize their appearance in a lot of ways, and what’s better than surrounding the wassily chair with a such a formation to make it feel like an actual piece of artwork? You can even get inspired by the presentation featured in this image, where the classy black and white art looks positively stunning in contrast to the chair.

4.     Accessorizing with artful paraphernalia


Everything in this entire world starts looking artful and glamorous when you pair it up with accessories that represent this look in the first place. The wassily chair is no exception to this rule. If you’re wondering what kind of things these really are, then take a look at this image. The surroundings of the chair comprise of a decorative cactus, a stylish floor lamp, and a sideboard that consists of accent artwork plus other trinkets. You can use a similar concept in your own interior designs.

5.     The carpet matters a lot


Just like the background, the floor surface that you put your wassily chair on matters a lot as well. Featuring it as an art piece can be difficult if there is nothing at the bottom to set off its uniqueness. So, you can add some contrast by choosing traditional style area rugs or carpets. Ultimately, they’ll complement the chrome and modern aesthetic of the chair while delivering a nice bottom view that’ll make the whole set-up look absolutely artistic.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can make the wassily chair look and feel like a piece of art in your homes. We hope that this list helps you come up with some new ideas of your own to make this chair your own!

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