Planning a successful family day out (the basics)

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Summer is finally here! Which means we get to spend more time together as a family, going on adventures, making some wonderful memories and enjoying every moment we can in the sunshine. With long summer days come new summer gear, clothing, the constant struggle of trying to locate your sunglasses (click here if you’re in the market for a new pair like I am) long days out with the children and believe it or not – if you plan your family day out a head of time, you’re much more likely to actually enjoy yourself.

What do I mean? Well, let’s be realistic, a family day out is often a million miles away from the perfectly filtered smiles of influencer families we see on Instagram…where a temper tantrum is unheard of and the idea of spending 40 minutes trying to get your children to put their shoes on is unfathomable. If you want to have a family day out that runs as smoothly as possible, then read on for 5 basic ideas that will hopefully help!
Plan your route
Whether you’re heading for a walk, or you’re driving to the beach for ice cream, the kids will undoubtedly be excited and unlikely to enjoy the idea of spending an hour in the car. So, plan your route, know how long the drive is, keeping traffic in mind and get there as quickly as possible. Make sure you have a plan or a schedule for your day out too – you don’t have to take a clip board with an itinerary, but if the day is a little structured it might help to keep everyone happy entertained and things running smoothly.

Always pack spare clothes
It doesn’t matter how old your children are – it’s always a good idea to bring a spare set of clothes. You might not have been planning a paddle in the sea, or your youngest to trip and get themselves covered in mud, but as they say – failing to plan is planning to fail! Some spare tops, shorts, socks and pants are small enough to keep in a bag to take with you – and always keep a towel and jackets in the car. You never know!
Snacks, snacks, snacks
Never underestimate the frustration and the upset a hungry little one can cause. Low blood sugar can make for grumpy kids and grumpy parents. So, always make sure you bring plenty of snacks with you. Whether they’re just to cover the long journey, or to take with you on your walk/day out, it’ll keep little tummies full and even save you a bit of money while you’re out and about.

Taking the entire family out can be expensive. Keeping cost low means more adventures later so you probably will want to pinch your pennies where you can. But if you have any spare change lying around the house, then take it with you. Smaller activities or mini attractions that you see on a whim might be fun to add into the day. You may also need some extra cash for unforeseen parking fees and not everyone takes card payments!
Sun protection
Always remember to bring plenty of water and sun protection. You could put together a little pack to keep in the car or in your purse which can consist of a bottle of sun cream, some antihistamine tablets, sunglasses, sun hats for all the children and of course plenty of water.

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