Home Security Tips for WAHMs and SAHMs

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As a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) or stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), you are delighted to be at home with your kids and spend as much time with them as you can. Whether you are balancing your work projects around nap time and play dates or focusing all of your time and attention on your home and kids, you love being a mom.
Just as you want to be sure that the interior of your home is safe — keeping all chemicals out of reach of your kiddos, locking cabinets that contain knives, medications or other unsafe items — you should also take steps to be sure the entire house is safe and secure.
With this important thought in mind, let’s look at why home safety is so crucial for WAHMs and SAHMs, as well as some tangible tips to start doing today.

Home security is not just for nighttime

This section is not meant to scare you, it is simply to educate you about some often little-known facts about burglaries. While movies and TV shows may show bad guys breaking into homes in the dead of night, MSN.com notes that most break-ins are likely to happen during the day — specifically between 10 and 11 a.m. and 1 and 3 p.m. Burglars may not be super smart about their career choices, but are wise to when many people are gone, and in many homes, it is during these hours. 

Install a security camera system

Having a high-quality security camera system installed outside of your home can really provide peace of mind, as well as outstanding footage of any suspicious creeps who might be at your doorstep. In addition, some cameras now come with apps that allow you to keep tabs on what is going on outside, even when you are busy upstairs with the kids. For example, Lorex Technology features the Lorex Smart Home App that works with Alexa and features instant live viewing and motion-activated push recordings. If the security camera alerts you that someone is near the door while you are watching "Paw Patrol" with your toddler or braiding your daughter’s hair in her room, you can look at your smartphone right away to see if it’s a friendly neighbor coming by to say hello or a sinister-looking person who might be peering in the windows. If it’s the latter, you can call the authorities right away for help.

Keep your yard free of “clues”

As Readers Digest notes, bad guys will look for clues in your front yard that may indicate your home is burglary worthy. For instance, if you have larger bikes and scooters out front, it is a clear sign that you have tweens and teens living at home — who are likely to have some type of expensive gaming system. If your front porch contains some tasteful and expensive decorations, it may be a sign that your home also has spendy items on the inside like high-end electronics and jewelry. Again, this is not mean to frighten you but educate you as to what burglars admit looking for, which may inspire you to make some changes to the front of your place.

Consider getting a dog

If your kids have been begging for a pooch and you love dogs too, they can also help boost your home’s security. KTVB News ran an interesting story that featured 86 burglars who discussed how they choose a home to break into; if they heard loud barking coming from a house, they were very likely to skip that home for one that didn’t have evidence of a dog living there. Of course, pet parents should want and love a pup regardless of its watch dog abilities, but if you were planning on getting a new fur baby anyway, you might get the added bonus of a built-in burglar deterrent.

Enjoy peace of mind and time with your kids

Kids grow up so quickly, it is great that you can be home with them as often as you can. And by following some or all of the aforementioned tips and maybe coming up with some additional safety ideas on your own, you can have invaluable peace of mind that the precious time you spend at home with your children is as safe as possible.

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