Home Organization Tips for Life With Kids

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Nothing makes a home more welcoming than opening your doors to a well-organized setup. Everything from the smell, tidy rooms, and the comfort that the home oozes can be quite inviting. While it might have been easy to keep your home tidy to these standards, kids make it a tad more complicated.

It is the nature of these clumsy little friends to leave a mess behind them. Luckily, keeping your home organized doesn't always have to seem like a punishment. In fact, you can bond with kids and offer them valuable life lessons while at it.

Here is how to keep your home organized with kids around:

Purge the Clutter Consistently

As kids grow, they outgrow some of their toys, clothes, and shoes. Your kids might still want to hold on to these things. In other cases, it can seem easy to keep these items for sentimental value as a reminder of a time when your kids were young. However, they may be the cause of your unorganized home.

Be undiscriminating when purging things that have no use in your home. If you haven't used something within a year, it needs to go. Involve your kids in the purging process as they too will point out their unnecessary belongings. You can either give these items out to charity or throw them in the trash if they are spoilt.

Conduct the purge regularly within the year. If you must hold on to sentimental objects, pick those that won't take too much space.

Teach Your Kids an Organization Routine

It will always be exhausting to clean after your kids if they do not know that they are doing something wrong. Start by teaching them the best practices for keeping your home organized. For instance, you can train them on the best places to leave their shoes once they come into the house.

Additionally, you can form a routine such as having them do certain chores right before heading to sleep. However, the duties should differ with the age of your kids. While the elder ones can clean dishes, the younger ones can place the shoes in the right spots. To make this fun, introduce a chart where kids can tick chores off once they are done with them.

Make Organization Easy For Kids

Sometimes your kids might clutter the home since you do not have a system to support them being tidy. For instance, the fact that you have high cabinets means that they can never place items in them. It will be easier to leave things like shoes and books lying around than putting them in high shelves.

Keep everything concerning organization within reach of your kids. If you have a shoe rack, place it close enough to the door. This way, it will be quite easy for them to remove the shoes and organize them instead of carrying them around the house.

This also applies to offering them space to be kids. If your kids love painting, dedicate a space to their hobby. You can place newspapers on the floor to avoid them dirtying it. This will allow them enough room for development without turning the whole house into a playpen.

Store Their Toys in Special Bins

Having your kids' toys lying around your home can be both unsightly and a safety hazard. As a result, offer your kids particular bins where they can store their valued toys. Be sure to label the different containers according to the toys inside them. For younger kids, it would be wise to use pictures to label the bins.

Also, ensure that the bin won't have the toys sitting too deep. Otherwise, you risk having your kids disorganize your home by taking out all toys to find the right one. Once they are done playing with the toys, teach them the habit of returning the toys into the bins.

Clean the House Daily

It can be overwhelming to clean your home only for it to be untidy after a minute. However, the peace that comes with sleeping and waking up to a clean house is priceless. Even better, once the kids grow old, it will be easier for them to emulate your routine.

Sometimes something as simple as sweeping the home before the night sets in might be enough. Assess the high traffic areas and make it a habit to keep them tidy before the end of the day. It might also be wise to train your kids on how to act once you have cleaned the house.

For instance, they should know better than to walk into the house with muddy shoes. Consider rewarding them regularly when they commit to cleaning their rooms too as this reinforces good behavior.

It is the small steps that have the most impact on keeping your home organized. For instance, your kids won't start being tidy abruptly, but with time. Commit to your daily routine and involve your kids in the organization of your home. In turn, they will value the organization as they grow old.

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