Heading Back To Work After Having A Child: What To Think About

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Having a baby is completely and utterly life-changing, there is no denying that fact. Your whole world changes the moment that child enters into the world, or let's face it, when you get that positive pregnancy test and it can be all consuming. For some mothers, the option of heading back to work is something that you have to consider at some stage in the future, and it can be overwhelming. However, many moms see it as a new chapter and chance to really flex their new skills. So if you are thinking of heading back to work after having a child, then here are some of the things to think about.

Think about what career you want

One of the first things that you will need to consider is the type of career that you want. It could be that you love the job that you do now, but want more responsibility or career progression. Or maybe you think you have developed new interests, passions, and skills and would like to enhance them in a different career direction. We can all get to a stage where we start to think about change, and this could be the ideal time for you to really think about what you want, and how you can then make it happen. We all deserve to at least like the job that we do.

Go back and learn some new skills or qualifications while you can

Maybe you need to go back and learn some new skills or gain some different qualifications so that you can make the change that you want within your career. A quick look online will highlight the direction you can take. It might involve you going back to a local college and attending a night class or a course where you can gain the certifications and qualifications that you need. Or it might be looking for a social worker degree online or similar ones, where you can study at home and at your own pace. There are plenty of options for you to consider.

Figure out childcare so you can be confident and assured

One of the biggest obstacles parents can face when wanting to head back into work once they have had a child is the childcare aspect. So take some time to really think about what would work for you. Could it be that you need to consider a childminder? Or maybe you prefer a stricter pre-school environment? Check out what is on offer locally and make sure you visit and speak to them. This can help you to feel more assured with your decision.

Enjoy the next chapter and thrive

Finally, make sure you take the time to enjoy the next chapter of your life and thrive under the new circumstances. You have just had something momentous happen to you, and you will have developed new skills and realised how strong you are as a person. It is now time to embrace the next part of your life.

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to heading back to work after having a child.

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  1. I went back to work 4 weeks after having my daughter (she's now almost 9 months old). But our situation is unique and my reasons are many.

    Because if I left, I would fall behind. I work as a product manager for a development company. I knew that if I left my job and tried to come back even a year later, I would be very far behind. I'm sure anyone else that works in STEM would agree with me. Technology moves so fast, it is a constant learning process. I am at a point in my life that it is vital for me to keep working and continue to advance my career. I have friends who are mothers and also have careers in STEM, we often talk about how difficult this time is for most women who choose to have kids, trying to balance family and the necessity to stay current in your field.

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