DIY Kids Kitchen Island Market Table

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When you build your kids a tree house you're probably going to need to build them furniture to go with it. Especially if they love to play market, chef and restaurant. So we made a kitchen island that triples as a market stand, restaurant order station and even a puppet show box! And we did it all with left over wood, paint and fabric we had around our house because we are cheap and resourceful. 

And we missed a spot, ok we missed an entire side of the leg when we were painting. Ooops, I'll fix that later. 

This play kitchen island is two feet tall an 16 inches thick and three feet long. Perfect for ages three to  seven. 

For the curtains we just stapled them in place. We used an old yellow table cloth we didn't use anymore and cut it in half so it had the curtain market feel. The curtains can be tied back to display market goods or put on a puppet show. The puppet show can also commence on top of the island with the puppeteers bidding down below acting out the hand gestures. 

For the legs we used sturdy 4x4 post and then used left over 1x4 wood planks to create the shelves on top. Always use exterior paint for extra durability. 

This versatile kitchen island was a huge hit for my daughters fairy themed birthday party where we turned her tree house into an enchanted fairy store where fellow fairies could come purchase fairy goods with their fairy tokens. 

When we tap into our kids imaginations and see things from their perspective the possibilities are endless. 

 These are super simple to make and you only need a chop saw and a drill to drill the screws in. While I designed the entire kids kitchenette, my boys actually built it and put the kitchen island together for their sister as her birthday present. Best kids ever. 

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