DIY Fairy Garden Houses From Left Over Fire Wood (Guest Artist)

2:20 PM

As we were getting the garden ready for spring and getting ready for my daughters big 5th birthday party we decided there was a serious lack of a fairy garden in our lives. I wish I could take credit for this fairy garden but alas I owe it all to my little brother's credit. 

A week before my daughters birthday party, awesome Uncle Donny was visiting. He is a creative powerhouse and make the most incredible character drawings. I asked if he and my sister Marie could help out with the fairy garden and make a few things to go in it, then left it at that. My sweet sister Marie made the assessoreis like the wedding arch, flower shower, and bridge.

My brother Donny got to work in my garage. I had no idea what he was going to make. I came out to the garage a few hours later to check on how things were going and he and my son Shantz had built about five of these fairy houses out of logs from the firewood pit! I was floored! No pinterest, pure inspiration. They had cottages, a windmill, a water mill, a fairy witch house, a castle and more by the nights end. Its amazing how a few scraps and an imagination can do such big things. 

The best part was getting to show my daughters their new fairy garden the next morning. They couldn't believe their eyes as well! 

This fairy garden sits next to their open concept tree house and was all done and ready for her Fairy themed birthday party. (Post to come)

I think the windmill is my favorite.

Im so blessed to have so many of my siblings in my life and wanting to be apart of mine and my kids life. We know not everyone can or do have great adult relationships with their siblings and aunts and uncles and that makes us appreciate them even more. I love that my kids can count on their aunts and uncles and know they have a whole extended family that are there for them and show up in lots of different ways. 

Meet The Artist:

This is my sweet not-so-little brother Donald Rowley. We have always called him Donny. He is a creative mastermind no matter what kind of project he is working on. As a creative soul myself I have always loved bouncing artistic ideas off of him and even collaborating with him on many projects. He is passionate about art, character drawing and treating people with kindness. He is also single and ready to mingle. Wink. 

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