Dairy Free Keto Pancakes (With Keto Blackberry Butter Syrup)

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I like going KETO when Im in need of a sugar fast, digestion help and to loose a few LBs. However, all that dairy that can come with a KETO diet can get me feeling sludgy inside. I lot of KETO pancakes are diary based and I wanted something for breakfast that was not eggs and did not have dairy in it. So I experimented with a bunch of recipes and came up with this totally yummy dairy free keto pancake option that is LOADED with nutrition and flavor! Then I made a blackberry butter syrup because I love a good tangy sauce on my pancakes and yes it does have dairy in the butter but at least I'm not eating dairy pancakes with dairy toppings. Its a good medium for me and its now my favorite KETO breakfast hands down. 

Dairy Free Keto Pancakes:
104 calories each / Total Carb: 4.8 / Protein:4.5 / Fiber 2.3
Makes 12 to 15 pancakes

Ingredients Dry
Almond Flour 1/2 c.
Coconut Flour 2TBS.
Flaxseed 1 TBS
Chia Seeds 1 TBS
Baking powder 1/2 tsp.

Ingredients Wet
Olive Oil 1 TBS
Eggs 4
Splenda Brown Sugar 1 TBS.
Vanila 1tsp.
Plain Almond Milk 1/4 cup

1. Blend all the ingredients up well in a blender. 
2. Cook on medium too low for five to 10 minutes. (These pancakes take much longer to cook than regular pancakes)

Keto Black Berry Butter Syrup
Serving 2 TBS = 4 total carbs

16 oz of fresh or frozen black berries.
1 stick of melted salted butter
1 cup of almond milk (plain)
1/4 cup Splenda

1. Blend up ingredients in blender till liquified.
2. Boil liquid mixture on medium high for 15 minutes while stirring regularly. You can serve hot or cold. Store in jar in the fridge. 

Tip: The Blackberry Butter Syrup goes great on yogurt and other keto desserts to sweeten it up with that yummy berry flavor. 

I hope you like this delicious pancake recipe I concocted. I sure do love it! I make a bunch of the pancakes on Sunday night and then I have breakfast all week long ready for me. You can even freeze these pancakes. Don't forget Meal prep is essential to staying on track with any diet or nutrition plan. If you have easy on had food options you less likely to go off track. 

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