Enchanted Tree House Invitation Design

9:43 PM

We are gearing up for my about-to-be five year old daughters birthday party, and first thing on the to-do list is design her invitations. I was really hoping I could find a tree house themed fairy birthday party invite already designed somewhere out there and save some much needed time. But apparently that theme is just too specific. lol! So I had to design my own. These are the times that I am so glad I am a graphic designer and can whip up custom project like this for my family. 

Below you will find my inspiration invitation by the talented Tanya over at minted. I absolutely loved her use of colors and the layout of the invitation and wanted to harness the vibe and style she created with this lovely fairy garden illustration invite below. 

For my invitation I illustrated our open concept tree house that we made as a family. The tree house will be the main feature at her party. We will be decorating the yard and tree house in all things fairy and spring. Stay tuned for the birthday blog post where we are sharing the the ideas we used to put on her party including the earning their wings game, fairy tag, and wand decorating. 

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