6 Must have DIY tools

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If you are a DIY maniac, you can’t allow minor issues to ruin your home when you can fix them. In fact, handling home improvement projects on your own is fun. For starters, you burn calories by walking around and carrying stuff. In addition to that, you save money that you would have spent on hiring a professional to do the job for you. However, you can’t start working on any home improvement or repair project without the right tools. The most obvious challenge is that you will take ages to finish a task that usually takes a few minutes to finish. Moreover, you will be worn out at the end of the day due to using excessive force. In case you didn’t know, using the wrong tool requires you to summon all your energy. Here is a list of DIY tools that everyone who values getting their hands dirty must have.

Photo by Laurie Shaw from Pexels
1. Wheelbarrow
A wheelbarrow is needed for carrying things, especially heavy materials and equipment from place to another. Owning a wheelbarrow saves you from the trouble of having to carry one thing at a time. Wheelbarrows are actually made from different materials that include steel, plastic or wood. A wheelbarrow that’s made from steel is highly recommended because it can withstand carrying heavy things than one that’s made from plastic material. The downside is that it’s a bit heavier than those that are constructed from plastic and wood.
2. Sledgehammer
A sledgehammer comes in handy when you want to bring down a wall. In fact, it works like a hand-held bulldozer. It’s ideal in situations where you don’t want to demolish all the walls, especially when you want to merge several rooms into one or you want to modify walls. Since it’s heavy, you can also use it when splitting wooden logs with a wedge.
3. Power Drill
A drill is needed for poking holes through walls and tightening screws. There are two types of drill; corded and cordless. A corded drill is believed to have more power. Regardless of that, most homeowners prefer using a cordless drill. This is because it allows them to work without being tethered in one place. However, you can’t use the drill when the battery runs out of charge. The good news is that there are some models that feature an extended battery life. This guarantees that you can drill for many hours without having to recharge the battery every now and then.

Photo by Laurie Shaw from Pexels
4. Sander

A sander is all you need to smoothen the edges of wood and remove any scratch marks. Although there are various types of sander, orbital sander is the most sought after tool. This is because it’s highly portable and also more efficient than using a manual sandpaper. Unlike rubbing a sand paper manually which makes you vulnerable to injuries, a sander machine is quiet gentle. You only need to move it across or along the length of the surface you are working on and you will have a smooth finish.
5. Welding Machine
A welding machine enables you to join pieces of metal together. If you have steel doors and windows in your home, you can use a welding machine to repair them back to their original shape. When shopping for a welding machine, you should also buy protective gear to ensure that you don’t get injured by the blazing arc. You can get complete info on RateMyWelder.com.
6. Tape Measure
Most people will tell you that you don’t really need a tape measure when you have a DIY project. But it’s one of the most essential tools. The problem is that the majority of people tend to underrate this tool. Without a tape measure, you can’t cut the correct length or width of a material. In fact, you will cut a piece that’s either too long or too short which results in wastage of materials.

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