4 Steps to cooking baby back ribs on an offset smoker

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To get soft and yummy baby back ribs using an offset smoker, you need to follow the right procedure. At https://warmchef.com/best-offset-smoker-reviews/ you can review some of the best offset smokers in the market. You must use a high-quality offset smoker for best results. You should also get the recipe first and prepare the ingredients. It is good to marinate the baby back ribs before you roast them. You should then follow the right procedure to get yummy smoked baby back ribs.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
Here are the 4 Steps to cooking baby back ribs on an offset smoker;
1.   Trimming and preparing the ribs
When trimming off excess fat, you should leave a little fat on your meat for more flavor. Excess fat is not healthy and leaves the offset smoker messy. It is also good to remove the membrane on the ribs to cook faster. You may also season your meat at this stage. Most people prefer to buy barbeque rub from the groceries.   You may use garlic, brown sugar and cayenne pepper to make the sauce at home.
2.   Prepare the offset smoker
You may also use wood or briquettes on the offset smoker. It is important to ensure that the briquettes are well lit before you start smoking the back ribs. For soft and tender smoked back ribs, you should set the temperature at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. You may then place the racks on the grates ready for smoking your meat. Simmering your favorite fruit juice beneath the smoker infuses more flavors in your meat and makes it juicy and tender.

3.   Start the barbeque
To tenderize your meat even further, you may wrap it in foil first before cooking. Some people add a little water to make the meat juicier and softer. You must be careful to remove the meat from fire when it’s done. If you overcook the meat, it will become mushy and tasteless. Remember it is not a must to wrap the meat in a foil. Home chefs recommend that this tip should only be used by expert chefs who know how to estimate the right cooking time.
4.   Prepare the sauce
You should serve the smoked back ribs with some sauce. As the ribs are getting ready, you should prepare the yummy sauce.  Alternatively, you may also buy ready made sauce from the stores. Before you spread some sauce on your meat, you should ensure that it is ready. You may then put the grate for offset smoker on the coals and let the meat sizzle briefly. The smoked back ribs are now ready for serving.
This is a favorite dish in many households. Having an offset smoker makes it easier to smoke back ribs at home. You may vary the recipe depending on your taste preference. Friends and family will enjoy smoked back ribs at your backyard during festivities or even when you want to catch up.

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