What It's Like Living In Colorado

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A Surprising Mix Of Urban And Outdoor Life

Colorado has many advantages. For one, it's quickly grown into a music center. Many hot bands come from Colorado, and many go through Colorado. Have you ever heard of “Red Rocks”? It's a massive natural amphitheater where A-listers play all the time, and it's just a short drive from Denver proper.

At the back of Denver itself is a sprawling mountain range—the Rockies. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, and more await avid adventurers who love the outdoors. Fine parks are also throughout the city itself, and there are a number of excellent communities located just outside Denver. For example, you might consider living in Englewood.

Englewood is basically a suburb of Denver. It's right in the thick of things, but allows you to avoid some of the more clogged traffic arteries. You can still live Denver style, but with more comfort.

Traffic, Economy, And Industry
It is important to remember you'll still have traffic issues. Even though Denver isn't really the mega-city Los Angeles or Chicago is, it is a metropolitan area that has been in almost continuous boom for many decades, and that population expansion has increased substantially in recent years.

There are a few reasons for this. On the one hand, economies in Oregon, Washington, and California have exceptional similarity to Colorado, but aren't doing so well by many accounts. In California especially, housing and economic issues in conjunction with high taxation have prompted many to move, settling on Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Another reason has to do with the political climate, and the legalization of recreational cannabis. This has spurned a massive migration from all across the country, and additionally an entirely new industry was able to get a toehold in the market well before other states sharing interest were able to.

Technology markets are also in expansion throughout Colorado, and that's bringing in a lot of jobs. Just as Phoenix, Arizona has a bustling tech sector, you'll find varying IT exploits throughout Colorado's Front Range.

Positive Collateral Effects
Such population and industry influx has lead to some fine new apartments in Denver, such as The Henry. The kind of luxury you can get throughout the Front Range in Colorado is considerable; especially when you take into account where those seeking such units are coming from.

Now it's true that recently the average price of an apartment within ten miles of Denver proper has come to rival the average price of an apartment in Los Angeles. The difference lies in that which is still available beyond this ten mile boundary, and how accessible it is. Certainly there's a window here; if there continues to be an influx of population, you can expect property and rental costs to continue expanding even as traffic does.

Still, consider a place like Longmont. It's just twenty miles north of Denver, and has much more affordable housing. You can “rent” a home in Longmont for what you would rent an apartment for in Denver—or even go the mortgage route and build equity as you go, if your credit and ambitions are leading you that direction.

Considering A Colorado Home
Colorado has fine living, fine dining, fine entertainment, and the great outdoors to experience. There's a lot to discover, there's a lot to learn, and there's much to recommend the state presently. Look around. Consider many different units and living options.

Make a careful choice, and don't be rushed into anything. You can find your ideal home in Colorado, whether you buy in the center of Denver, it's suburbs, or the endless mountains to the west.

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