In This House Wall Art (FREE Printable & Decor Craft)

3:55 PM

What are your family values? Its important to remind yourself and your family what kind of goals you want for your home and what kind of family you would all like to be moving towards. Thats why I love these kind of family motto word art statements. Its a visual reminder of where we want to go and can help us be more mindful and intentional with our actions and words. 

I designed this family motto word art print as a house warming gift for my dear friend who just moved into a new home. New homes can be a wonderful fresh start where we can reinvent ourselves and renew the goals for ourselves and our family. We should all have a family motto somewhere in our home. If you don't already you can borrow this one. 

Download Free In This House Printable
Click Here to head over to google docs for easy downloading and printing. This printable is s 13x19 poster size but can easily be printed out on regular 8.5x11 paper size. 

I framed this print with some old 1x2 wood slats for a cute and easy rustic look. You can do the same or frame your family motto in a traditional frame. 

If you love this printable please share this Pinterest friendly image below and share it with your friends and family or save it for later. 

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