Finaly Car Play Mats For Boys AND Girls!

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I remember playing cars with my brothers on the big car rug on the floor. I was totally more into playing cars than any of them. I even tried painting one of the cars with flowers on it so it was more girly. It didn't come out so good and my mom was furious about the mess I made. Why were there no girly cars? Why were there no girly mats? So you can imagine how much I jumped up and down when I discovered Camp Castle had designed a beautiful line of durable play mats for boys and girls! Woot Woot!

Hayley is the owner and designer of Camp Castle and started this incredible line of play mats just a few years ago because she saw a need that wasn't being met. High quality play mats that include girly options for girls that like to play with cars and play mats too! No surprise her mats are flying off the shelf and her business is booming! 

I reached out to Haley and her team and begged asked if she could send me some of her matts so I could feature them and help spread the word about her amazing play mats. 

Camp Castle sent me two of their major sellers, the mini farm mat and the mini rainbow land play mat! My girls got strait to playing with them as soon as I pulled them out of the box! 

Camp Castle also makes a line of huge rug size play mats and the most fabulous thing about these playmats are that they are durable and wipeable for years of play to come. Wins for mom's everywhere. 

My girls played with these mats for hours. I ended up letting them have snack time while they were playing with their mats and discovered a few minutes later they had found very creative ways to utilize their snacks to extend the playability of the mats. LOL! Notice the fruit snack that has made its way to the castle entrance. And what better way to transport a cracker to mermaid lake than by train. 

We are seeing a huge rise in small children loosing the skill of independent play. I never thought that was a possibility but more and more little kids don't know what to do with themselves unless they are in front of a screen. Kids need quiet time to explore and let their imaginations run wild. They need to touch, feel and move the things they are playing with to develop fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and basic physics of gravity and momentum. Kids learn about the world they live in first through play. And I am all for anything that encourages both boys and girls to engage in real physical play that sparks the imagination and that is just what Camp Castle play mats do. 

Camp Castle is always coming up with fun new designs and play mats. I love their seasonal line, their US map line, and their book city play mats. I can't wait to see what she designs next! 

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