7 Tips for New Moms to Get Enough Sleep

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Ask any new mom what she misses most, and the answer is likely to be a few decent hours of uninterrupted sleep.

And this is not surprising. In fact, over 60% of parents with a baby under two get an average of three and a quarter hours of sleep each night. For most moms, the four hours are broken up into shorter sessions.

How can you get enough sleep, amid giving your attention to a helpless tot that needs you on call 24 hours a day? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is. Here are a few mommy sleep tips.

1. Nap When Baby Naps

Pretty sure this makes you roll your eyes.

If you’re like most moms, instead of napping when the baby naps, you spring to action.
You clean up, take a shower, cook and attend to the million other things that require your attention.

How about ignoring some of the chores to catch up on sleep time? Do what you can during one nap then allow yourself to nap with your baby on their subsequent naps. You will be surprised at how rejuvenating a short nap can feel.

2. Plan Ahead

Put some effort into planning how you can sleep so that you’re able to take care of the baby.
 If your partner works, it’s unlikely that they will be able to work all day and help with the baby at night.
How about saving up to be able to get a nanny or a night nurse? This will allow you to leave the baby with a responsible adult so you can catch up on sleep. Even if only for a few nights a week or a month, the benefits will be immeasurable.

3. Get a Great Mattress

Your body has been positioned awkwardly for nine months. After the baby comes, you’re still probably spending hours wearing your baby.

This strains your healing back, shoulders and hips. Therefore you need a mattress that helps aligns your back, shoulders, and hips. Anything less, and you wake up with aches and pains that will hinder you from being super mom. 

With all the hard work you have done creating life, you deserve to get your pick of the best mattresses on offer .

4. Train Your Brain to Switch off

First-time parents know the feeling: the baby finally dozes off after hours of soothing. But instead of sleeping, you lie in bed listening and waiting for him to cry so you can snap them up.
This is not necessary. A baby is the most effective alarm clock you will ever have.

If the baby sleeps in a different room, get a baby monitor. It is highly unlikely that the baby will cry for hours before you hear them

So give yourself permission to switch off and go to sleep. Trust that your baby is safe. If they wake up and cry for a few minutes before you get to them, that’s okay too. A bit of crying will not harm them.

5. Accept Help

Accepting help does not mean you’re an incompetent mom. It simply means you’re human.
If trusted friends, neighbours and relatives stop by and ask to help, take it gracefully. Hand the baby over and catch a well-deserved nap. Even the shortest nap works to reduce your overall sleep deficit .

6. Don’t Watch the clock

Moms are pressed for time. Literally.

It gets extremely hard to sleep when you have a sleep deadline, based on the length of your babies nap.

It’s very tempting to keep watching the clock to check how much time you have left. Staring at the clock is counterproductive. It can keep you from falling asleep.

7. Try and Get Baby to Learn to Self Soothe

It does not take long for new moms to realise that baby is boss. Your entire life revolves around them.

They will determine when you eat, shower, pick calls and even when you get to sleep- or whether you will sleep at all.

This means, the longer they sleep, the longer you sleep, right? So how do you get baby to sleep longer?

Sleep training is one controversial subject. Granted, some of the methods feel too harsh for most moms. However, there are softer ways to encourage baby to sleep longer at night.

Having a bedtime routine is one. How about feeding the baby well, then giving them a bath and a gentle massage. This will relax baby and ensure they will sleep a bit longer before waking up for a feed.

Also, don’t rush to them soon as they wiggle a toe. Sometimes, babies get startled in their sleep. Leaving them there for a few minutes might teach them how to lull themselves back to sleep. For you, this might be the secret to getting longer stretches of sleep.

Don’t be Guilty

Mommy guilt is a powerful feeling. And it’s probably nature’s way of ensuring your baby gets the best care from you.

Nonetheless, think of it this way, a well-rested mom means a well taken care of baby. You do not want to be snoozing at the wheel while taking your baby to see a pediatrician. Or to snooze just enough for baby to slip off your arms when nursing.

So really, getting enough sleep, is one of the best things you can do for your little munchkin.  

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