The Baby Bedroom Blitz - How to Set Up Your First Nursery

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If you’re expecting a child soon, you’ve probably been in over your head trying to get your home ready for your tiny new addition. Amist purchasing all the nappies in the world and ensuring you have enough feeding bottles, there is also the nursery to worry about. For first timers, walking into a store that sells all your nursery needs can be somewhat overwhelming, confusing and downright frustrating. Fret not, for in this article, we give you everything you need to know about how to set up your first nursery, so read on to find out more.

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Get Your Stroller Ready

You may be wondering just what a stroller has to do with your nursery - afterall, the nursery is where baby will be spending its time, and the last place you’d need to utilise a stroller in. However, what many fail to realise is that a nursery is somewhat of a “everything the baby needs” room in your home. This includes a pram or a stroller, which you’ll need to transport your baby when you need to go to doctors appointments, walks or any other place where you’ll have to bring your little one along with you.
According to experts at Baby Train, the best option for a newborn is a lie-flat stroller because lying flat assists in lung development and ensures that your baby is breathing easy. Lying flat is also essential for proper spine development, and assist in strengthening your baby’s muscle tone. The perfect nursery is one that is fit with a lie-flat buggy, so head out and purchase one as soon as you can!

Dim Is The Way To Go

Unlike all the other rooms in your home, in which you’ll want as much light exposure to as possible, when it comes to the nursery, dimly lit is the way to go. A nursery that is too bright may look appealing to the eye, but will not aid in your baby falling asleep and most importantly, staying asleep. Babies under the age of 12 months need at least 4 hours of sleep in the daytime, and a nursery that has too much sunlight shining in will disrupt your baby’s sleep cycle. Very much like adults, newborns need a dark and quiet space to fall asleep, and ensuring that your child stays asleep is a great way to make sure you too are getting enough rest.

Time For Some Baby Furniture

A nursery means having to purchase new furniture, and not just any old furniture as well. You’ll want to go out and shop for specific baby furniture such as a change table where you’ll be able to easily change your baby’s nappies in the most efficient way possible. You will also need a cot/crib for baby to sleep in, and this is an item of furniture that we would recommend you invest on.
Cheaper options may not be safe for your baby, so always ensure that you are doing your research and purchasing the safest crib possible for your child in order to avoid any potential accidents or disasters. Many new parents also recommend purchasing a rocking chair which you can use whilst feeding the baby, along with storage shelves for keeping all your baby’s items in. These are the basic necessities for any nursery, and once you have invested in these fundamentals, you can look into optional items such as accessories, decorations, toys and so on.  

Baby Monitors Are Life Savers

Another must have in a nursery is a baby monitor. Also known as a baby alarm, baby monitors are a radio system that can listen to sounds made by an infant. You’ll be able to hear from another room if your baby has awoken or sounds disgruntled. As parents of a newborn, you’ll already be spending up to 80% of your time in the nursery, so being able to catch up on some quiet time with your partner in the living room is something that we are sure you’d love to be able to do.
With a baby monitor, as you’ll be able to tend to the baby should it wake up or start crying, instead of having to sit by the crib all evening long. Any alone time is precious with a newborn, so we highly suggest investing in a baby monitor of your own. There are a wide variety of monitors available online, so we always suggest reading reviews on blogs and websites before jumping the gun and purchasing one.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Once you’ve got all the basics down, you can turn your attention to accessorising your nursery. You can start off with purchasing teddy bears, mobiles, building blocks and any other infant toys you can get your hands on. You could also look into installing a bookshelf in the nursery, where you’ll be able to keep all of your fairy tales and nursery rhyme books well organised.
Why not decorate the nursery with some funky wall stickers, printed curtains and fairy light as well? The possibilities are endless, and you can look online for inspiration should you need some. Pinterest is always a good source of ideas, so you start pinning to your boards even before the baby has arrived!
We hope that this article has provided you with the knowledge you need when it comes to setting up your first nursery. Best of luck!

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