Batman School Bookmarks (FREE Printable)

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My son ran for school office counsel last year and we wanted to create a fun theme for him to run on and help him to be a little more memorable to his constituents and fellow school mates, so we went with a Batman Theme of course! 

 For the hand outs we were only allowed $15 in total for any handouts and that includes poster cost. Yikes! We had to get creative. So we decided to make these funny batman bookmarks for my son to hand out at school to help promote him for student counsel. 

A New Way To Vote:

What I love is that in our school kids don't campaign for a single seat on the student council like President, vice president and secretary. Instead, the kids that want to just run for student council and who ever has the most votes gets president, the next most votes wins vice president and so on. Kind of wish that's how our government did things lol! 

Free Bookmark Printables For You

We loved how the batman bookmarks turned out so much that I thought it would be fun to make a non voting one for you EMI readers to enjoy.  There are two version to choose from and we left the Vote for Shantz out of them. 

Print Batman Bookmarks via Google Docs Below:

We printed ours on yellow neon paper at our local printshop. I wanted the neon paper to help the bookmarks pop. I loved the neon papers, but the black ink on that kind of paper came out a little more dull than I would have liked. This Yellow color version I have included looks so much better, than the neon ones we had printed with the black and white version.

Hope you enjoy your bookmarks, and please don't forget to comment below or share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family or to print for another time. 

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