A Guide to Seeing London in 24 Hours

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London is a massive city, made up of nearly 10different zones that spread across 1500km2of space. Though what you would see as a tourist is often centralized in Zones 1 and 2, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t stuff to see and enjoy throughout. From The beautiful parks in Richmond to Hampton Court Palace and beyond – there is so much to do and seethat you need years of living in the city to fully enjoy all that this capital has to offer. 

So how can a visitor see it in 24 hours? 

What You Need to Know Before You Go

The short answer is that you can’t see everything, but what you can do is cut through what other people can think you should do and instead create a unique itinerary that appeals to you. Sure, there are some themes you should follow to get a taste of London, but remember to put your owninterests first. If you love science, then going to an art museum isn’t going to cut it, especially not when there is both the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum right next door to each other. So follow this guide and remember to cater it to your interests to enjoy a unique experience that encapsulates all of London: 

How to See London in 24 Hours 

To see London in 24 hours you need to be very specific about what you want to see, but generally,by following this guide you can get a good feel for what London is all about: 

In the Morning 

Enjoy Breakfast at One of London’s Greatest Establishments 

Breakfast can be a small or big affair, but a great way to get two birds with one stone is to go to one of London’s most infamous establishments, Harrods. 

Go to a World-Class Museum 

London’s museums are some of the best in the world and in most cases completely free to attend, so after your early-morning breakfast skip the crowds and go to at least one of them. 

In the Afternoon 

Head to a Market for Lunch 

There are some incredible markets in London, and going to one for lunch is a great way to refuel and experience them. 

Go Shopping 

Shop the market, or shop nearby. There are plenty of unique shopping experiences in London to enjoy and find something amazing to bring home. 

In the Evening 

Treat Yourself at Dinner

Take your time now and pick a great restaurantto treat your senses to. You’ll want to recuperate some energy and reflect on all the big things you’ve gotten up to! 

In the Night  

Go to a Musical, Ballet, or Play

Finish the day with a show, and London has some of the best shows around. Musicals for kids are huge affairs, both on and off the West End, and great for the whole family. Then, of course, there are also shows at the Royal Ballet Theatre, and plays throughout London. 

London is what you make of it, so skip what you think you should see and get down to what you really want to see. Follow this outline to help you get a good feel for the city, and to bring home some great memories. 

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