4 Tips to Helping a Student Who Is Struggling In School

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Students struggle a lot while in school. Students that are struggling might find it hard to keep up with their teachers and other students since they are always lagging behind. Helping such a student can be done either at home or at school. The student can be trained on how to acquire and process information with ease. This ensures that they understand the bits they have learned and retained the information for later use. Implementing these four tips will help improve the performance of the struggling student.

1) Research
Encourage the student to research problems they do not understand rather than offering them direct answers. The research carried out helps the student increase their scope on the subject or topic. They also get to review and correct their work using references. Doing this helps boost their confidence once they get it right. The research can be done in school or at home libraries using the study materials provided. You can also click here for additional learning materials with an expert’s approach to physics. Proper research also helps a student learn and apply even the little they might have learnt and understood.

2) Teach Formulas
Physics, like any science subject, consists of formulas, which the student must apply to get an answer. These formulas can be found in study materials and formula reference books. While helping a struggling student, help them understand and interpret formulas with ease. This enables them to make the correct formula application, which is the first step to getting the correct answer. Formulas can be recorded in a formula book and recited. Make the student recite the formulas during leisure. You can also create a song for easier understanding. The song should be short and easy to understand to avoid forgetting it all.

3) Practice
Consider giving questions on the subject daily to identify areas the student might be having problems with easily. Questions answered correctly and fast means that the area is well understood and you can focus more on areas with many incorrect answers. The practice questions can be found in class books, previous exam sheets and also online. Encourage the student also to form discussion groups with friends or other classmates where they can practice more on the subject. This will help the student understand the different methods of learning and can implement the easiest.

4) Encourage The Student
A student trailing in class can feel either secluded or demotivated, and you should encourage him or her to go that extra mile. Keep tabs of the performance and praise and gift him or her after improving to raise spirits. If teaching more than one student, encourage raising hands to ensure the student participates. Additionally, teach the student how to persevere and continue studying even if they do not perform to their expectations. You can also ensure everyone around them understands their situation and gives them a conducive learning environment. Encouragement should come from family, friends, teachers, and other students.

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