Merry Christmas 2018 (Worth The Work & Stress)

9:59 PM

I was on top of it this year (unlike usual) and actually did Christmas cards and got them out a week before Christmas. Then on Christmas eve we checked our mailbox and there they all were. Each and every Christmas card had been returned and on the day before Christmas. Apparently no matter how small the square envelope is a square envelope costs twenty one cents more than a regular envelope. Merry Christmas from the United states postal office. 

So Im posting my Pictures here. As for what Im going to do with the thirty plus returned Christmas cards that I already paid for... I just don't have the energy to go to the post office and pay a bunch more money to send out two week old Christmas cards. So Im just going to stare at them in my kitchen basket for a while till I eventually use them for fire starters. 

At least we got super cute pictures. This has to be the first time in a long time where I didn't have to photoshop swap anyones heads. Woot Woot! Gotta take your wins where you can. 

Lesson Learned: Christmas cards are for suckers. Just skip the Christmas card madness and post your pictures to you social media sites. Spend that extra time and energy on other holiday traditions that make you crazy. Or even crazier thought do only Christmas traditions that don't stress you out. Wait... I might have gone to far with that last sentence. I have clinical anxiety. So there is no such thing. If I spent Christmas doing only the things that didn't stress me out I wouldn't have the Christmases I have always dreamed of having, the kinds of Christmas that are worth stressing for. 

May 2019 bring your many wonderful opportunities that are worth the work and stress. 

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