Voting YES on Q1 Means Voting YES for Utah’s Kids and Utah’s Teachers

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This post is sponsored by Our Schools Now in partnership with Forward Influence. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have partnered up with Our Kids Now to help share information about the upcoming gas tax bill here in Utah and am so excited to get to be a part of this campaign with them.

I think of all the fundraisers for my kid’s schools that I have participated in over all the years. And I think of all the hours and money we fork over to support our kids and their teachers and in the end, it’s a tiny drop in the bucket compared to what is needed. For an average of $4 more a month (per driver at the pump) we could pass a Utah bill that could really make a difference in each and every one of our public schools in Utah. This is the first time I have ever seen a bill that can improve so many schools in such a big way, bigger than any fundraiser I have ever been to. The bill we are talking about is the gas tax bill and question 1 on the ballet this November 6th.

I recently hosted a super fun brunch event at my house with some of my favorite gal pals where we openly talked about the gas tax bill. It was so much fun to hear their questions and opinions on this issue coming up. We loved having a fun and safe environment where we could chat about the issues affecting our community and how we as women and voters can make a difference come November 6th.

The biggest concern was the fact that it will raise our gas prices at the pump ten cents per gallon. No one wants higher gas prices but the extra cost is a fraction of what we spend on fund raisers already. It’s even less than I spend on shampoo a month.  Our kids and teachers are worth way more than an extra $4 a month. Also, it’s not just Utahns that are paying the extra 10 cents its anyone who buys gas in Utah will pay that extra 10 cents and that 10 cents is split up and sent straight to where its most needed in our great state. 30% of the 10 cents goes towards road repairs in Utah and the remaining 70% will go to Utah public schools. This means every school in Utah will get an average of $100,000 extra a year and each school will also get to decide where those funds are needed most at their specific school. The schools can spend the extra funds on teacher raises, new hires, teacher aides or much needed school supplies and technology. The extra funds cannot go towards administrative raises or building repairs. So, whoever drives through our beautiful state and buys gas, also gets to help support Utah schools and its students as well.

Utah is falling behind in its education. While we have some of the best devoted teachers in the country who often pay for our kid’s school supplies out of their own modest paychecks, 50% of our students are below average in math, English and science. We are also fifth lowest in the nation in what we pay our teachers. It’s getting harder to keep good teachers in our schools; class sizes are getting too large and funding is too low. These factors are hurting our children’s quality of education and ability to reach their potential. Voting to increase our investment in our public schools and in our children’s education will give all Utah kids an increased chance to compete in the real world.

Disclosure: I love being a part of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network and having opportunities getting to working with great causes and companies like Our Schools Now. While my time and effort is being compensated for with this blog post my opinions are my own. I stand behind my words and this bill 100% and hope you are encouraged to talk about the voting issues of your community with your friends and family in an open and friendly way.

Please help us get the information out there about the Question One Gas Tax bill to your Utah friends and family and share these Pinterest friendly images below. Every vote counts!

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