Twist The Bones (Hocus Pocus Halloween Spell Printable)

9:13 PM

Add a little Hocus Pocus to your Halloween home decor with this famous Sanderson Sisters spell printable. The spell that turns a big brother into a lovable black cat named Jinx. 

"Twist the bones
and bend the back
trim him of his baby fat
give him fur as
black as black.
Just like that. "

-The Sanderson Sisters

Designed with elegant vintage handwriting script and an ink style cat illustration with the stars of night. This spooky spell is posh and sophisticated and will be a lovely addition to any Halloween decor. 

Two printable options below. There is a white and black Twist The Bones spell and another spell with vintage brown paper background texture. You can get both printable by clicking below. This link will take you directly to google docs for easy download and printing. 

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