Planning your first trip to Los Cabos: an excellent family retreat

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The desert that kissed the southernmost tip of Baja California peninsula (California) is where the tumultuous Cabo San Lucas lies that fights against the quiet San Jose del Cabo. These two being connected gives you a 20-mile stretch that is studded with villas, resorts, and rentals in Los Cabos Mexico. Spending days here is almost utopic where you can bask on sandy coves frequented by the clear water of the sea. If your beach drink is not giving you the thrill you seek, then it’s time for you to look for alternatives. Here are some of the most exhilarating activities that one can ever come across. 
Todos Santos 
This surf town oozes funk like it is from an obscure fusion band. This is one of the most underrated treasures and is Mexico’s best-kept secret. Todos Santo is just an hour away from Cabos San Lucas where the tourists flock in for its authentic colonial architecture, art shops, art galleries, and its treasured coastal cuisine. This place also has a little hotel which goes by the name “Hotel California” but unfortunately it’s not the same as the one from The Eagles’ song. 
El Centro 
If you are one of those party people, then this might just be your place to get your grooves on. This place seems drowns itself in alcohol since morning which of course continues till night. The downtown has bars, restaurants, and cantinas in every corner. If you want to keep yourself sober for the morning, then head down to the beach for a nice tanning session. If you are a night owl, then many of the resorts will offer you live music performances and with drinks of course. San Jose del Cabo might not be as infamous and Cabo San Lucas, Its nightlife is definitely not dull as it has a thriving culture surrounding it. 
World Famous Fishing Destination 
Los Cabos has been tagged to be a world-class fishing destination for which certain gentlemen like John Wayne and John Steinbeck are to be held accountable for. Its fertile water allures a thriving aquatic life and has inspired fishermen to carry on the legacy of big historic catches of swordfish, tuna, dorado, and marlin. Cabo shares its fame for being one of the top destinations for fishing and it attracts a hefty load of tourists from around the world. There are numerous competitions that take place here where you can obviously participate wherein if you are lucky then you can win prizes worth millions. If that’s not something you’d like to do then you can easily hire a boat to explore the clear waters. 
Whale watching 
Mid- December to Mid- April is when you can witness these giants swimming right in front of your boats. If you are lucky enough then you can see a number of different species of whales like humpback, sperm, greyand whale sharks. The greywhales usually arrive late in the month of December and during March. Most of the whale watchers gather on the Sea of Cortez to see the great humpback feed in the calmer zones of water. 
Shopping at San Jose Del Cabo 

This place is the thriving art district that also has galleries showcasing artworks from Mexican artist. If you are one of those art junkies then it’s advisable that you carry some good amount of money. From folk art to jewelleryyou can find everything here. But if you are looking for some high-end boutique, then head to the mall at the Corridor. This place has a lot of shopping options mostly because it is blessed with all these markets. Traditional artworks are also available in abundance but you’d have to keep an eye out for it. Hand-painted tiles, pottery, hammocks, and jewellerymade by the Huichol tribe are also tourist favourites. 
Surfing in East Cape, Cabo San Lucas, and the Corridor 
If you are a bit itchy about paddling, then there are three areas that you can choose from i.e. The east cape, the saturated corridor and the Cabo San Lucas. There are surf shops that provide you with all the necessaries for your surf trips like rentals lessons and boards. There are many breaks from where you can surf from which solely depends upon your skills. For the advanced surfers, they can head towards the Todos Santos for challenging waves. If crowded places, not your thing, then head to the east cape where you will be able to get consistent breaks. 
Artworks from the gallery district 

A lot of magic goes in around San Jose del Cabo’s main square which also is the cultural centre. Artists showcase their artworks, pottery, paintings. All of these artists hailing here are the locals. In the month of November to June, this place turns into an open gallery which exhibits everything ranging from art stalls to music performances.  
This place can be more of a personal retreat if the overwhelming responsibilities of life and family are getting too overwhelming and you need a little reset so you can be your best self for your kiddos. Los Cabos is also an excellent spot for your family with plenty for them to enjoy as well. So, feel free to plan your next big family trip to Los Cabos where all the adventures await. 

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