Seven Must-Have Tips To Creating Your Colorful Dream Kitchen

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Don't be scared to add color to your kitchen. A colorful kitchen can add energy, character, mood and fun to the entire room and anyone in it.  At the end of a long day I can sure use all the energy I can find in order to cook dinner for my family of six, and I might as well get to cook in a fun kitchen I love being in. A colorful kitchen is a joy to have in your home and there is no reason why anyone can't have a fun colorful kitchen if they want one.  Here are some of my tried and true tips to adding color to any kitchen and making it work in any space.

1. Use Black And White To Bring Out Color

A nice little trick I like to do with bringing out fun colors is using white and touches of black. Sounds boring at first but white actually helps your colors to pop out and still feel fresh and not so overwhelming. So go ahead and paint your wall white and then have fun with bold colors with your cook books, bowels, kitchen aid, lower cabnets and even your kitchen island. Think of ways to add colors to your kitchen that is outside of the box. The wall is not the only thing you can paint.

You can check out my very own colorful kitchen makeover here.

2. Create A Color Inspiration Board and Stick To It

This is an absolute necessity for me. I create a color scheme with around four to five color that really go well together and set the mood I want for my kitchen. Then I make a Pinterest board and only save ideas for my kitchen in those colors. The more references you have for what you want your kitchen to look like the better. A great place to find color scheme sets for your kitchen is the Design Seed. They are color scheme gurus. I use them for any designing I do weather its in the kitchen or for my graphic design creations.

3. Use Colors In The Same Hue

A lot of people don't know that they can use just a few specific colors and can use any and all shades in that hue. Not everything in your kitchen has to be the exact dark green teal. Bring in lighter or darker shades of your main color and sprinkle it around the kitchen as much as you can. It will bring  the whole color scheme together.

4. Play With Patterns and Textures

Color doesn't just have to come from solid colored wall or colored cabinets it can come from the textures and patterns in your kitchen. Look to add color and character with a blue oriental throw rug, a geometric pink hand towel, a hanging fruit basket made of earthy tan rope, golden yellow fresh sunflowers or some metal peach colored copper kitchen jars. Silver, gold, bronze, and copper are all colors to. Think of the colors you use on your knobs. Can you add purple velvet fabric to your kitchen stools? do it! Color can come from such unexpected places. Don't be afraid to mix different colored patterns either. As long as they are in your color scheme they will work.

5. Pull Colors From The Rest Of Your House

Don't treat each room in your house like they are separate in design and color. Try creating your entire home with relatively the same color scheme and design style to create a cohesive feel for the entire home. That dose not mean every room will be the same. There are unlimited ways to get creative and decorate with the same colors in your color scheme.

6. Repeating Is Key

If you feel like your colors are just not coming together just keep repeating them throughout the space. If the colors in your kitchen are feeling disjointed it probably means that color is not being repeated enough in your kitchen. Repetition will create balance. Try adding smaller things with those same colors. Be aware if you have not enough of maybe just one of the colors and try adding at least two more things in the room with that color. Just stick to the original color scheme and you will do jus fine. Also you may have colors in your kitchen that aren't in your color wheel house and they might need to be tucked away instead of out on display if they are throwing off the whole room.

7. Just Go For It! 
Color is here on this earth for our enjoyment. If you love color use it! Don't worry if its too loud for someone else. It's your kitchen. You're the one cooking in it. Paint it and decorate it the way you want and not for someone else. Just go for it. Its just a little color after all and we can all use a little more of that in our lives.

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