5 Ways to Stay Safe on a Family Vacation

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We love to plan family trips, although when you’re a family of six, it isn’t always easy. That being said, it’s always worth it — traveling as a family gives you a lifetime of memories and adventures together, and brings you closer than ever before.

It can be a little daunting, taking your precious family out to somewhere you’ve never been before, so here are five ways to stay safe on your family holiday.
Be sun safe
If you’re going on a sunny holiday, one of the most dangerous things you will come across is the sun itself. As around 80% of our lifetime sun exposure happens when we are children, it is especially vital to keep our children protected. Especially as even small amounts of sun exposure can cause significant DNA damage in children.

Use a sunscreen with a minimum factor of 30 and reapply regularly throughout the day. Spend time in the shade during the hottest times of the day, and cover up with sunglasses, hats, and breathable t-shirts. Be sure to drink plenty of water too to keep hydrated.
One of the best things you can do, for both your safety and your enjoyment of a trip, is plenty of research. Make sure you know about the local cultures, laws, crime rates, etiquette etc. Know which areas are a little shady for tourists and if there are specific scams that are popular where you’re going — it will help you to not get caught out! Most countries have their own travel advice sites that will help you plan your trip. 

Make sure you have good insurance
It might sound obvious, but it is incredibly important to choose your travel insurance carefully. You want to make sure it covers everyone in your party, especially if they have any pre-existing medical conditions, and that you’re covered for all the activities you are planning to do.

Of course, you don’t want to have to use it, but just in case you do need to, a 24-hour phone line is also really important. You don’t want to wait for opening hours to get your peace of mind. 
Have a plan
Again, you don’t want to need to use it, but having a plan (and a meeting point if anyone gets separated) is always a good idea. Make sure older children have the number and address of the hotel in their phones, and give younger children a wristband with your contact details on, just in case they get lost. Teach them who to speak to if this is ever the situation, and to stay calm.  

Don’t be a target
If a thief sees you pull out a wad of cash, or as a family where everyone has a whole load of the top gadgets, they might target you. Use a mix of prepaid travel cards, debit/credit cards, traveler’s checks and cash, and only take out what you need for each day. Make sure you have copies of all your documents too, as this will be a huge help if anything gets stolen. 

Don’t be too put off by all this advice, the chances are you will have a wonderful, safe time and come back with amazing memories and stories of your travels. However, when it comes to your family’s safety, it’s vital to be prepared and keep yourselves safe. Do you have any other safety tips? Leave them in the comments! 

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