Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Kids Bedroom for the Holidays

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Now that the summer holidays are here, there is a good chance your kids are spending more time in their bedrooms chilling out. For them, having somewhere quiet and private to go when they want a bit of downtime is important. It is for you too, because after the first week or so, everyone gets a bit frayed around the edges. So, it is handy for family members to be able to take a few hours break from each other’s company. Alone time is good for everyone. 

The nicer your child’s room is the more likely it is that they will enjoy their space and want to spend time there. So, with this in mind,I thought a few suggestions about how to quickly give it a makeover would come in handy.
New bedding
Buying fresh bedding is an important part of changing the look and feel of any bedroom. As you can see here you will have no problem buying a new quilt set and doing so for a very low price. There is plenty of choice, so it should not be hard to find something suitable.
Update the wall décor
Freshening up the walls will immediately make the room seem brighter. There are lots of approaches you could take. If your child likes decorating, you could repaint their room with them. It can be fun, but, if you are short on time and patience it might be wise to take one of the following easier approaches.
Create a wall mural
Murals look fantastic. They are a really easy way to create a bit of interest in a room and potentially cover up little marks. There are plenty of really nice ones available to buy online. Or, you could make your own. Unsurprisingly, I favor the latter approach. Not so long ago I made my own tree mural. I really enjoyed doing it and I think most children would enjoy the creative process too. You can find out exactly how I did it by reading this article. Letting your child create their own wall mural is a great way for them to while away a few hours. 
Use stencils
Another easy approach is to use stencils. Again, you can create your own or buy some readymade ones. 
Make the room more comfortable
Little touches like updating the lighting, installing an extra electrical point, updating the window dressings or setting up a fan can all help to make your child’s bedroom a more comfortable place to be. The more practical and comfortable a roomis the more likely it is that they will want to spend time there.
Upgrade the flooring              
If the flooring is looking a bit worn, consider updating that too. You can either lay something new or cover up what is already there. The latter approach is generally the cheapest and easiest option. One way you could do this is to make a couple of rag rugs. All you need is a bunch of old clothes. T-shirts are ideal for the job. If you want to, you can dye them so that the finished rug fits in better with the overall look of the room. This short YT videoshows you a fast and easy way to make a rag rug. A child could potentially make their own new floor coverings using this crafting technique.

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