Career Opportunities With A Certificate III In Early Childhood Education And Care

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What is really neat about getting a certificate III in early childhood education and care is that it opens up so many different career opportunities for you. As long as you like working with children in one capacity or another, this type of study might just be right for you. Some people think that teaching kids how to read is the only possible career choice with an ECE certificate, but this is simply not true. What kind of job can you get with a certificate III in early childhood education and care? 

1. Home Service Provider 
One of the jobs that will come your way when you have a certificate III in early childhood education is that of a home based service provider. Many parents prefer to have their kids take the first steps in education from home. This can be due to many different reasons, but whatever the case may be, the demand for one on one early childhood education at home is skyrocketing. It’s a job that pays well and allows you to shape the future of these children. 

2. A Teacher 
With a certificate III in early childhood education, you can become a teacher. You can choose to become a pre-school teacher or an elementary school teacher as well. Elementary school teachers are the higher paid of the two, but both jobs are fantastic in terms of being able to help kids, educate them, and prepare them for a successful future. No, you might not be teaching algebra or physics, but kids have to start somewhere. 

3. Childcare Center Director 
Yet another field of work that presents itself to you with an ECE degree is that of a childcare center director. Whether it is a pre-school, elementary school, or an after school program, being a CCD will allow you to create curriculums, monitor programs, and just generally direct the direction which the childcare institution takes. You will probably not be working one on one with kids or teaching them directly, but it is a good way to lead an entire institution of learning for new generations. 

4. Family Support Specialist 
Some kids are better off than others. It is unfortunate, but it is also true. Some children have special needs, whether mental or physical. Some kids have other kinds of needs. Sometimes parents do not know where their kids should go to school, or maybe the parents just do not have enough money to make it happen. As a family support specialist, you will help these children and their parents to get the support they need, whether financially, emotionally, or in any other way, in order to get their kids the education they require for a successful future. 

So Many Opportunities 
As you can see, there are a whole lot of career opportunities awaiting you if you spend just a few months getting your certificate III in early childhood education and care. The opportunities are vast, the pay is usually quite good, and you get to do something that is rewarding, both for you and the children that you help. Mind you, there are still many more jobs available with this kind of certificate, but the ones listed above tend to be the most popular options to go with. 

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