Baby In Bloom / Floral Themed Baby Shower (On A Budget)

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 Baby showers and event planning can get pretty expensive sometimes so you have to get crafty and money savvy thats why Im sharing my secrets to putting on a floral themed baby shower while staying on a budget. 

 I just love this floral themed baby shower I got to put on for my sister in-law. I am expecting a baby niece here soon and couldn't be more thrilled.  I love putting on parties for people I love, its such a fun creative outlet for me and I love finding ways to shower my loved ones with attention and celebrating  them. This floral themed shower was a great way to celebrate my sweet baby girl niece's arrival and the theme gives lots of room to doing some super fun DIY baby shower decor yourself.

Headband Station

The main activity for the baby shower with this adorable Headband Making Station. Guest get to get creative and make cute headbands for the baby girl with different sizes of bands, flowers feathers, and embelishments. Once the guest is done making their headbands they can put a tag on the headband they made you the mom and baby can see and enjoy who made what. 

TIP: You can save a lot of time by buying headband making kits on Etsy or Amazon or put together the kits yourself. The kits online are actually very reasonable and can cost less than buying all the supplies yourself. 

Make your own DIY headband organizer with this easy tutorial on my previous post. Add lace a ribbons for clipping on your headbands or clip on hair clips. This Headband organizer also doubles as a baby shower present for the new mom. 

We decorated the headband station with all the floral details we could. The decor took on a pinch of a tea party theme as well and it was just adorable. 

Giant Paper Flowers

My sister and I stayed up late one night and made these giant paper flowers. They can be made out of regular 8.5x 11 size paper. Just get a set of pastel colored paper and get cutting and glueing. This entire paper decor project was under $10 to make but made a huge statement piece for the party and really set the tone of the floral theme. You can get a great tutorial on the giant paper making flowers here at The SITS Girls

Printable Banner Signs

Get the custom made Welcome Door Sign and Featured Baby Name Signs by me on my Etsy shop. Just print and cut the signs out, wrap the printable on a 15 inch dowel, and add some yarn accessories for a boho flower look. 

Frugal Decorating With Florals

Floral Fabric Remnants: I was able to find a few pieces of floral fabric from a shifts store for fifty cents each. If you are a sewer you probably have lots of fabric leftovers you can use. Also these paper doilies come in large paper packs of 24 and can be used anywhere and everywhere. We put them all over the walls in fun patterns and used them under various dishes. 

Dollar Store Silk Flowers: Another cost effective decor idea is buying tons of dollar store flowers and arrange them in vases all over you event space. You can even cut off the petals and sprinkle them on the tables and possibly floor if you don't have lots of babies roaming around. 

Baby Clothes Decor: Feature some of babies outfits on a clothes line/string for extra decor and fun at no extra cost.

Old Picture Frames: Utilize your own picture frames and temporarily put in printable labels for the tables and different stations around your baby shower event. You can put your photos back in after the baby shower. 

I designed an entire matching set of floral baby shower decor, invitations, labels, and games for this baby shower. Each flower was carefully illustrated with clean lines for a modern boho touch. I have now made it available for purchase on my Etsy Shop. Get everything you need in one place and get it customized for your special little mama. 

The floral pattern flag banner was easily assembled in minutes using gold ribbon and a hot glue gun. 

The floral banner I designed comes with a large print and a small print depending on what you like you can print one or the other. I printed both and alternated the small and big printed flags for a more eclectic look. 

The headband station made for a cute background for the mom opening her baby shower gifts.

For the baby shower favors I designed these Baby In Bloom seed packet labels with the date of the shower and custom event title. These are about the size of a standard flower seed packet and comes in a rainbow of pastel colored backgrounds to make the seed packets feel a little more special and individualized. I chose not to make a full seed packet jacket because I wanted the guest to get to pick what flowers they would like to take home and plant. 

A floral chandelier baby mobil can add a big classy touch to your floral baby shower and can be the main centerpiece to your table decor. I made one of these floral chandler mobil for my daughter two years ago when she was born for her nursery decor. I have loved it so much that I had to make one for my new little niece coming. You can get the full tutorial on how I made this boho floral chandelier on this previous post I did. 

The Food

The food was amazing!!! My sister in-law and her mom took care of the food portion of the event. Im just in love with these tea party suckers she found and the floral paper plates and napkins are to die for. For the centerpiece we used a small cake stand, a white flower vase and the left over dollar store flowers. Since the shower was in the middle of the afternoon we did finger foods and snacks. 

The Games
We played two games, had the headband making activity, ate yummy food, visited and then opened present at the end. TIP: I recommend doing one activity and two games and not doing more because visiting and the gift opening can take up a lot of time. You don't want to feel too rushed. 

Activity: Headband Station

Game number 1: Guess The Bump: Pass around a ball of yarn and scissors. Everyone cuts off the length of the yarn to guess match the width of the mom's new bump. The closest measurement to the actual size of the bump wins a prize. 

Game Number Two: This Or That:
Circle the one the mama to-be would prefer. The mom was interviewed ahead of time and then the this or that questions were customized to fit and feature the guest of honor. I love ending the this or that with "Wishes for my baby". This is a great game to feature the mother and baby.  Even people who were very close to the mom got stumped on a lot of these so its great that anyone can play and win. 

With just a few thoughtful details and some simple craft skills a floral baby shower is super easy and fun to pull off. This was a last minute baby shower. I only had about a week to prepare and that was plenty of time to make all the things and design all these custom printables and decorations. Ive made it even easier for you with my ready made floral baby shower printables on my Etsy shop. 

I love to hear your questions and comments and would love to help where I can. 

Please share this Pinterest Friendly image with your friends and family or save for your upcoming floral baby shower. 

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