How to Boost Body Image After Becoming a Mom

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Moms who gain more than thirty-five pounds during pregnancy usually need between ten months and two years to lose the baby weight, according to Even the moms who gain less still need plenty of time to recover after such a life changing event. Every woman is different and so is her body. Bodies do change after pregnancy and sadly these changes can sometimes have a negitve impact self-esteem. The keys to boosting body image after becoming a mom are starting a sensible diet, finding ways to improve the look of trouble spots and embracing your new miraculous body during each stage of motherhood.

Give Yourself Time to Lose Weight
If you’ve just had a baby, it’s time to be gentle with yourself. Your body has done something miraculous and you are now a mother. According to, females should set postpartum weight loss goals, because failing to lose the baby weight is linked with being overweight (or obese) fifteen to twenty years later. However, new moms should give themselves at least nine months or longer to drop the pounds. It took you that long to gain it, so be patient with yourself trying to loose it. 1,800 calories per day is the average right caloric intake for weight loss for most post-baby women. New Moms should wait a minimum of two months before they begin counting calories. Moderate exercising at least three times per week, for half an hour, will also be important. Nursing moms should not be dieting or over exerting themselves, because you can risk loosing your milk. Health is the main goal here.  

Think About Fixing Trouble Spots
It is normal to find, despite post-baby diets, creams and exercise regimens, that a woman's body has changed a lot during and after child birth. New moms may experience drastic physical changes and some troublesome areas that just don’t seem to “bounce back”. According to, changes which may be permanent, without a little help from a plastic surgeon, include stretch marks on the tummy, sagging skin and “deflated” breasts. To minimize or eliminate postpartum stretch marks (and flatten a post-baby belly), women may wish to consider tummy tucks. Also known as abdominoplasties, these cosmetic procedures take away excess tummy skin and improve the look of stretch marks, while also tightening up stomach muscles. A breast lift and/or breast augmentation (i.e. breast implants) will help to restore the look of the bosom. When a tummy tuck and breast procedures are performed during one operation, it called a mommy makeover.

Dress for the Body You Have
The post-baby body has its stages. Shortly after labor, the body needs time to recover. Nine months after childbirth or longer, changes which may be permanent will become apparent. A lot can be done to improve the body via diet and exercise. Certain areas of the body may need more time and help to bounce back. In any stage, it’s important to understand the power of clothes. Wearing clothes that suit the current body shape will be so helpful in terms of boosting self-esteem. Don't put off buying clothes until you are a smaller size. Every shape and size of body deserves to wear beautiful clothes. According to, investing in shape wear (underthings that streamline the body) will be a great way to improve a “new mom” silhouette and enhance confidence. Another tip to feel more comfortable dressing your postpartum shape is by wearing fun ruffled tops or go for a flowy maxi dress in darker colors.

Be Kind to Yourself
Body image is psychological. One woman who has an imperfect body may love her body, because she loves herself. Another may have the “size 2” shape of a high fashion model and hate the body that she sees in the mirror, because she doesn’t love herself. Women who want to improve their body confidence after childbirth, at any stage of being a Mom, should be aware of their own self-talk. Would they judge another person’s body so harshly? Probably not. Women should make a point of finding beauty in themselves always, as well as finding beauty in the flaws and imperfections. Your body just did an amazing thing and you should celebrate that mom bod in all its miraculous glory and in all its perfect imperfections. 

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