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Organize all those baby bows and hair clips with this simple bow organizer project made from a wood hook rack and some pretty lace. Its simple and easy and only takes a few hours to put it all together. This is a great idea for a head bow organizer because you can put the headbands on the pegs and clip the hair clips to the lace so you can organize all the fun hair accessories. 

Craft Paint
Lace 2 yards
Ribbon 2 yards
2 small nails
Hot glue and glue gun 
Wood Hook Rack 

You can find this white painted hook rack for less than $20 on Amazon Prime. You won't even need to paint it if you are looking for a bright white look. 

I made my Bow Rack for my sweet sister in law who is expecting a baby girl later this year. We couldn't be more excited! 

For her baby shower we had this over by the bow making station. Guest could make their bows and hang them up for display at the shower. I just love the idea of her close friends and family making these bow headbands for our sweet baby. The bow making station was a huge hit! Afterwards the mama can keep this organizer and use it in her nursery. 

TIP: If you have more headbands than hair clips just use cute little clothes pins to clip the headbands to the lace. 

1. After your wood rack is already painted the color you want, hot glue the lace and ribbon pieces (about 18 inches long) onto the back of your wood rack. 

2. I liked using the lace to create a strap to hang the rack on so that the wood rack is not so front heavy and will hand on the wall more evenly. After you glue the strap to the sides of the rack. Hammer in a nail on both sides to secure the strap more firmly. 

Tip: You may want to double up your lace or ribbon for a more sturdy strap

I painted a little flower on each of the wood pegs to give it that extra special feel. Her shower was a floral/tea party theme and I just wanted play into that fun theme more.

I just loved getting to host my sisters baby shower. It was my first baby shower I have hosted for another person and I totally had a blast planning it and making all the fun crafts. If you like this baby nursery bow holder than you may like the floral baby chandler mobil craft I also did here

I would love to see your versions of this hair bow craft so please send me a link to your projects or tag me on your social media post. I will be sure to feature them on my Instagram stories. 

Please share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family. 

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