Vintage Teen Boys Room Renovation On A Shoestring Budget

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 This boys room renovation took us a year to complete (one small project and paycheck at a time) and we are so excited to finally be done and give you a photo tour of our handy work! 

These are real life renovations by us average real people who know little to nothing about home renovations and interior design. This is not a staged boys room filled with nice new trendy things from a fancy catalog. This is just our sons room filled with his boyhood treasures and pieces of furniture collected over the years from thrift stores, yard sales, antique shops and bargain stores. It may not be magazine worthy but my sons sure loves his new room and wouldn't have it any other way. Plus no one wants to live in a magazine anyway right? 

Quilt Hand Made With Love By His Mom

We are so grateful we have handy friends to give us great tips and have access to youtube video tutorials on how to dry wall. When you are on a tiny tiny budget you have to get resourceful. 

This entire room was down to its studs when we bought our 1928 fixer upper bungalow four years ago.  You can check out our renovation project here on this post and get to see the before pictures of this room. 

Vintage apple crates (I bought from an old farmer) stacked up on each other makes for a great night stand/book shelf. 

Marble Maniac. 

This U.S. Army chest was found at a thrift store for $15 and still has the original insert. Authentic Red lantern was bought at a yard sale we found while on our first family vacation on the Oregon 

The secrets are kept in this adorable Zelda Journal he got as a birthday present from his Aunt. 

We hunted for months on Facebook marketplace for just the right roll top desk. Found this beauty for $30. Then the hubby and I gave this desk a makeover with some new paint and hardware just in time to give it to our son for Christmas. 

We even found the perfect shade of green paint at a Habitat for Humanity Restore shop for just a couple of bucks.  They have tons of high quality paint that is barely used from other jobs. 

The gold knobs on the drawers are original. And we love the pull out desk feature so he has more desk space for his homework and projects. 

This cute little lamp was found by my son at an antique shop my kids and I were checking out. For only $10 this was a steal of a lamp.

The book the compass is sitting on is a very old Boy Scout Book we found at a thrift shop for $1.

This is a fun little wall collage that my son and I put together over his desk using his dry erase board, cork board, Arrow Of Light Award and other meaningful art. Its a functional and fun command center for a busy 13 year old. 

I am usually not a fan of puppets but when my son asked if he could have this $2 vintage cowboy puppet I couldn't tell him no. He is actually quite adorable and a fun addition to this room with all of its vintage charm. 

To save money I had these posters printed at my local print shop instead of ordering artwork from a store. Then I purchased these poster frames from Amazon. I like having posters framed instead of taped to the wall, I just think they look better. 

We found the Hampton Bay Ceiling fan on Amazon and thought it went great with the dresser colors and dark bronze metal from the McCarthy day bed and door knobs.  

Just had to show a close up of my craftsman style door trim detail I made for this room. This was one of the easier project we did when we remodeled this entire bedroom. It was important we added historical details to this bedroom to stay true to the 1920's bungalow style. 

A little reading nook next to the built in bookcase
The built in bookcase was here already in the room when we bought the house and we wanted to keep it in the room after the renovations. We did give it some new wood trim to help give it some extra flair and to go with the rest of the molding detail around the room. 

We are big believers in "high fashion tiny budget" and love the challenge of decorating a room with little to no budget and with the things we already have. You do not have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful room you will love for years to come. You just have to start thinking outside of the box. 

Some of my sons featured treasures like his Harry Potter wand and sundial from our trip to Cancun a few years ago. 

I love adding a little shelf under a picture. I have to resist adding a shelf to all the photo in my house. 

Right now my sons aim is to be an architect one day and we definitely support that ambition. I just love his adorable structures he makes with cardboard cutouts, legos and building plan drawings. 

I have to admit we do have one wall that is not done yet and its the wall above the bed. I have had the hardest time coming up with a plan to make this wall work in this room without being to dominate. I think we have finally settled on installing three simple square box shelves here for more vertical storage. This room is actually pretty small and the closet is small too so when ever we can utilize the vaulted ceiling and go up, we do. 

What would you put on this wall? We need ideas! 

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