The Ultimate (And Affordable) European Vacation

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Most of us Americans love the idea of going to Europe. I know my husband and I dreamed about it for years and then we finally got to go four years ago and it was a dream come true. Maybe we love the idea of a European vacation because of the rich history, unique sights and the different cultures, but being able to travel to Europe is definitely our version of the American dream. Unfortunately, not matter where you go in Europe it’s going to be expensive regardless of the country you are headed to. So, affording a vacation in one of the costliest continents on the planet is a little out of most families’ price range. And, this is often enough to stop the pipedream from becoming a reality. For those who are doers, this attitude isn’t acceptable. So, to help, this post has a list of the European travel hacks you’ve got to know.


It’s tempting to believe that a vacation begins when you land on foreign soil, yet it isn’t the truth. Vacations start from the moment you book the flights and the accommodation. We’ll get onto money-saving tips for hotels later, but let’s focus on the flights for now. The key is to cut the costs by as much as possible. Anyone who racks up air miles can use them to upgrade, for example. Alternatively, flying out of season, with budget airlines, or at a time of the day that’s a prime slot are also options. While on the actual flight, also try avoiding purchases on unnecessary items by bringing airline approved snacks, earbuds, and other essential items from home.

The Eastern Bloc

European countries have gotten wealthier thanks to the EU. By joining, the less economically developed nations accepted aide in return for strong political unity. As a result, the days of paying $0.25 for a beverage are long gone. Saying that there are still places where the price of living is much lower than the rest of Europe. Better than that, it’s less than the cost back in the United States. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a prime example, as is Tbilisi in Georgia and Baku in Azerbaijan.

Hotel Hacks

Staying in the center of the town is going to bump up the price of the vacation. Plenty of people throw their hands up and say this unavoidable, yet they aren’t 100% correct. Paying for a prime piece of real estate is going to be expensive, but you can bypass this by living on the edge of the city. Are you thinking about visiting Munich? The Munich Airport Marriott hotel charges a lot less for its rooms. The same is true of any airport establishment. If living by a runway doesn’t appeal, you can always find an Airbnb on the city limits and use public transport to see the attractions.

Dining Services

Cooking yourself is the best way to reduce food costs on vacation, yet most people don’t want to because it feels like a hassle to find grocery stores and it reminds them of being at home. For anyone who doesn’t fancy cooking on vacation, there are other options. Eating out is of course is the main choice, and it is usually the expensive one especially if you choose poorly. However, pick correctly and the food will be tasty and inexpensive. To find the latter, ask around for advice on where the locals eat as they will know where to not pay tourist prices. Or, stop at a stall by the side of the road and take a chance.

Europe is full of endless places to see and Explore. And no matter where you go you won't regret it. It’s definitely worth whatever it takes to fulfill that dream. You will be changed forever. Is Europe on your bucket list and how do you plan to pay for the trip?

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