Outdoor Projects that You Should Do This Summer

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When summertime rolls around, it’s easy to give in to too much leisure time with vacations and holidays, and the overall relaxed pace of summer. The solution to combat this and make the most of summer so that it will last beyond the first couple of weeks is to take on an awesome summer project.

1. Paint the House

The power of a total house transformation can happen with an easy and fairly reasonably priced outdoor project that should be first on your list this summer: a fresh paint job. Before worrying about the exorbitant prices that painters can charge, remember that these are projects you can take on yourself.

Painting a house is not nearly as difficult as it sounds, but a fresh coat of paint is the easiest and the cheapest way to increase the value and appeal of the house. This kind of project requires the sunny, warm weather that summertime brings. A new coat of paint also protects the investment of your home. It shields it from sun, rain, and wind. When done properly, paint should last up to fifteen years. This requires the use of high-quality materials and some patience.

You'll need to scrub down and clean the surface as any dirt will cause new paint not to adhere. After cleaning, a sanding process, followed by primer will have you ready to paint and your house looking beautiful in no time.

2. Add a Fire Pit

An evening gathered around a campfire doesn't have to be relegated to camping trips. A project to take on this summer could be creating an outdoor fireplace at home. Relaxing by a backyard fire is the perfect way to spend an evening.

A well-designed fire pit creates an enjoyable gathering space but also acts as an anchor for the design of the rest of the yard. Even when not in use, it still works all year round to help beautify your space.   

In addition to adding both value and beauty to the home, it can also be the perfect way to rid the backyard area of mosquitoes, which is one of the top reasons summer evenings are cut short. Their prime time is May through August, but the smoke created by the fire pit and burning repellants can help keep them at bay.

3. Build or Update a Deck

Outdoor living has seen a surge as a popular trend lately, and it doesn't seem to be something that's going away anytime soon. All over, people are seeking ways to combine their indoor and outdoor living spaces. One of the most significant steps you can take to achieve this is to take on the project of a deck.

Decks don't have to be exceptionally ambitious projects either, but you should make sure you review the legal parts of taking them on. It’s important to renew the license if you aren’t going to seek out the help of a contractor and will attempt to do it yourself.

With more materials for decking than ever before, like natural woods, composite materials, stones and others, it’s exceptionally easy to explore different designs. Pinterest also has wonderful tutorials to break this project down into very manageable pieces.

Updating a deck can also be just as fun of a project. New paint or stain or upgrading the materials like the hardware can easily give new life to a much-loved outdoor space. Whether starting from scratch or updating, the deck is a must for a summer project.

4. Add to Your Home

This is probably one of the most involved summer projects you can do, but one that shouldn't be overlooked. There are several ways to add on to a home, either by building up or building out. Additions don’t necessarily have to be connected to the home either. Add-ons like sunrooms or studios, perhaps a covered area for outdoor hobbies are options too.

Every option will be different when it comes to the requirements, licensing and pricing, but a home addition as a summer project has many benefits. More space is the most important, but in turn, this can lead to new activities, new hobbies, and mini vacation spots. Man-caves and she-sheds are popular options as summer projects, because they may not require as much of an in-depth commitment.

A summer project is a perfect way to kick off the warmer season. In addition to breaking up the monotony that can set in with the hotter temperatures, you’ll have something to show and feel accomplished about when summer is over.

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