Four Photography Ideas For Mother’s Day

5:09 PM

As mother’s day is approaching, do you have any ideas or plans for celebrating this special day? Do you know of any moms who are moms of girls this mothers day? There is little to nothing better than to celebrate mother’s day with your mom than planning a special day the two of you will remember forever. What about taking the time and effort to do photos together this mother’s day? In this way, you two can collect all these great photos and enjoy them for years to come. Here are three recommendations for you to take some nice photos. 

Tip1: Putting on mommy and me outfits 

Just picture your little girl wearing the dresses with the same style as what you’re wearing, it must be super adorable! For choosing mommy and me dresses, you could pick dress with the similar color instead of exactly the same clothes. Then you two you could try same funny faces, same gestures, and other brilliant ideas. 

Tip2: Design the special theme 

For taking photos, its a nice added touch to have a certain theme so that the whole set will be relevant and tell a story. Cite an example, if you were a ballet dancer, you could help your little girl get familiar with the toe shoes and take the photos of her learning process. 

Tip3: DIY some jewelries and wear them 

Apart from the photos, you could also DIY some jewelries and wear them when taking pictures. Recording the images you and your little girl working together would be a sweet moment. What’s more, the DIY jewelries would also be another sweet memorabilia to treasure that memory for years to come. 

Tip4: Recreate an Old Photo:
Take your mothers day photo session towards the more humorous side and re-create an old photo of you and your mom with your now older selves. Try to find a location similar to the photos, find clothing that matches yours in your childhood photo and don't forget to pose just like your old kid photo with your mom. It will be hilarious and a photo to treasure for even more years to come.  

One thing to remember: 
The whole photography thing for mothers day would be ideal if you could get all your children involved. But if your little girl or boy are not grown up quite enough for good picture taking, just try to keep patient and make it fun even if the pictures don't come out perfect. 

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