5 Ideas To Help You Throw The Perfect Birthday Party For Your Child

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The Best Parties
What do kids want to do? They want to have fun! They want to play, they want to pretend, they want to have adventures. What did you want as a child? Search your memories for the best birthday parties you attended as a kid. What did you find?

Following are five suggestions, if you’ve come up short or can’t remember, that may help you get to thinking along the right lines. And don’t be concerned if you haven’t got a lot of resources available—there are certainly things you can do on a budget!

1. The Event
One of the most memorable party ideas for a children’s birthday involves getting your child together with half a dozen or more friends and then going to do something as a group. It could be a movie, it could be a trip to the roller or ice skating rink. It could be a chip to the beach, or the forest, or to a theme park, or a sports game—whatever the birthday child is most interested in. You could also go shopping for discount dance costumes that will improve the party experience for your kids who will be thrilled to wear them. Think of your own birthdays as a youngster, and what was most enjoyable to you.

2. The Sleepover
This is an idea for less than twelve kids, ideally. Unless you can manage it! They can definitely be a handful. But allowing your child to invite a number of their closest friends over for a birthday celebration can be a lot of fun. Just remember you’re committed for the long haul, and be sure to notify the parents of your child’s guests far enough in advance.

3. The Classic Party
A classic birthday party is an event with a table of gifts, a big old cake, some kind of entertainment in the backyard, toys, hats—the whole nine yards. Piñatas are always fun, and a great way to both stuff them and make your child’s party more memorable is to put together a candy buffet through confections purchased in bulk.

Creating a dessert table in general is a great idea for a party you host at your own home. If you let the kids go wild at least once a year, it will make it easier for them to avoid over-indulging in sweets throughout the rest of the year. So let them get that sugar rush and run rampant!   

4. The Right Guests
You may have to invite some kids over for your child’s birthday party if they aren’t terribly social. But ideally this isn’t the case. Ideally, your child will have some friends, and they can invite those friends out to do something special on their own. This can be a great exercise in helping your child mature, and it can also help ensure that those with whom your child has conflict don’t end up undermining your event.

That said, if you’re a part of a smaller community, it may be expected that you invite everyone in your child’s class to a given party. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it can be a character-building exercise. That said, you want to anticipate incidents in order to best avoid them.

5. Spending Time With Your Children
Last but not least, whatever kind of party you have for your child on their birthday, you definitely want to ensure that you’re there for them, and that you spend time with them. Maturation from childhood to adulthood is best accomplished through parenting that fulfills the needs of growing people. One of those needs is the companionship of their parents. This helps them learn, and acts as a model for their interactions with others in later life.

A Party To Remember
You can throw a fin kids party for your child’s birthday, and there are a lot of ways to do it. At the end of the day, one final thing is worth considering: you should have fun, too!

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