Sunshine Yard Stakes Decorations ( Easy DIY Paper Plate Craft)

5:58 PM

Spread some sunshine in someones day by decorating their yard with these easy to make sunshine stakes. These are great for cheering someone up or letting a neighbor know you are thinking of them during times of trials and loss.

When you are close to someone who is having a hard time or who has lost a loved one, there is often a loss of words. Kind gestures can go a long way in showing love and sympathy. I originally came up with this idea for sunshine stakes when one of my neighbors lost a family member. Friends and I decorated their entire lawn with these sunshine faces so when they got home from the airport they would know how much they were loved by their community and that they were not alone.

Yellow Paper Plates
Shish kabob Sticks
Hot Glue Gun/ Hot Glue
Black Sharpie

The shish kabob sticks are perfect for making these yard stakes because one side is pointy to go into the grounds. 

1. Cut triangles out of the paper plate edges to make the sun shape.
2. Draw on eyelashes for a sweet simple design.
3. Hot glue shish kabob sticks onto the back of paper plates. 

Tip: The more of these you place on the yard the better the yard will look. 

We placed 40 on the front lawn when we made them. A few of the sunshine stakes had sunshine puns on them instead of eyelashes. 

Remember when someone is going through a hard time you don't have to try to say just the right thing. Acts of service and gestures of love can go a longer way then words. Just be there for them and share your sunshine when they are having a hard time finding their own. 

Please share this Pinterest image below with your friends and family or save it for another time. 

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